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The PrivacyTools Core Team is the group tasked with central administration of the PrivacyTools organization. PrivacyTools is not a democracy, it is a meritocracy. We always try to operate on consensus rather than votes, seeking agreement from those people who will have to do the work. The Core Team has the ability to direct other teams and ask people to work on specific projects, mediate disputes between members and teams, and perform other tasks related to the organization and its administration.

Rights and Powers[edit | edit source]

The Core Team has a number of powers that can be exercised over the community and organization.

Permanent Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

The Core Team's primary privilege in the community is the ability to veto the votes or elections of the membership to ensure the safety and long-term stability of the organization. This capacity is not used lightly.

Some members are additionally responsible for holding key assets, such as the domain name, cryptocurrency wallets, servers, and bank accounts associated with the organization.

Temporary Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

The Core Team is also responsible for a number of additional tasks within the community. These tasks are performed on an interim basis until such time that an independent team can be formed to take responsibility for the task. If a certain task does not fall under the purview of an existing organizational team, it should be assumed that the Core Team is currently responsible for that task. For clarification you can reach out to any member. Tasks that the Core Team is temporarily responsible for include, but are not limited to:

  • Approving or denying applications for membership. This power will remain in place until such time that an independent applications board can be founded.
  • Moderating public community forums (Discourse, Matrix).

Privileges[edit | edit source]

Core Team members represent the PrivacyTools organization in their work, and are primarily responsible for organizational announcements and changes. These members receive mailboxes for official communications, and are marked as contributors on OpenCollective.

Membership[edit | edit source]

The leadership is solely responsible for appointing new members to the Core Team. Membership within the Core Team is generally on a permanent basis, until a team member steps down. In dire situations, a team member may be removed by unanimous agreement of the leadership or a supermajority vote of the core team members.

Current Leadership[edit | edit source]

The leadership is not subject to election, term-limits, or membership removals. Additionally, the leadership reserves the right to give an additional casting vote in the event of a dispute or tie election.

  • Burung Hantu: Founder of PrivacyTools
  • Jonah Aragon: Administrator of PrivacyTools

Current Membership[edit | edit source]

  • Niek de Wilde
  • Daniel Gray