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Arthur was not a part of the original [[TheRailway Series|Railway Series]].
Arthur was not a part of the original [[TheRailway Series|Railway Series]].

=Narrow Gauge Engines' Descriptions=
=Narrow Gauge Engines' Descriptions=

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Engines listed in order of first major appearance in the series, However Narrow Gauge engines have been placed after Standard Gauge.

Name Number
Thomas 1
Gordon 4
Edward 2
Henry 3
James 5
Percy 6
Toby 7
Duck 8
Donald 9
Douglas 10
Bill and Ben
Oliver 11
Narrow Gauge
Duke (1)
Sir Handel (Falcon) 3
Peter Sam (Stuart) 4
Skarloey 1
Rusty 5
Duncan 6
Rheneas 2
  • Note: This list is in the process of being fully developed. It currently contains all characters who are considered as "Regulars", as at the end of Season 4, and will soon contain all "Regular" characters.

Standard Gauge Engines' Descriptions


Thomas the Tank Engine is a blue tank engine with six wheels. He lives and works on the Island of Sodor, and is locomotive number 1 on the island's main railway. He has become the main star of the television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (now known as Thomas and Friends). Thomas first appeared in The Railway Series by Reverend W.V. Awdry. His appearance on TV, however, has made him arguably the most widely recognised and well-known locomotive in the world.

Thomas' character can change from time to time, from cheeky like Percy to wise like Edward. He is always, however, extremely proud to run his own branch line, and absolutely loves his coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

Further information on Thomas and his adventures can be found on his own Wikipedia page


Edward the Blue Engine as seen in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Edward the Blue Engine was the first character to appear in The Railway Series by Rev W. Awdry, and is part of the central group of characters in the TV Series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He is a blue tender engine with red stripes, about the same size as James, and bears the number 2 on his tender.

Edward is the oldest and wisest of the engines in the core fleet, and other engines often find themselves indebted to his knowledge and experience.

Further information about Edward can be found on his own Wikipedia page


Henry in his "new" shape.

Henry the Green Engine is a steam engine from the children's television series, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and The Railway Series books. Henry lives and works on the Island of Sodor, along with other characters in the show. He is engine number 3 on the railway, and in the TV Series he is always green with red stripes. In the first season, Henry had an accident caused by ice and snow, after which he underwent extensive reconstruction, giving him a new shape, which he has had ever since.

Henry's character can be difficult to pinpoint. Sometimes, he is somewhat pompous like Gordon, others he is sensitive, others still he is somewhat depressed. Since the third season of the TV Series, he has been portrayed as having an admiration for nature, particularly trees.

Further information on Henry and his adventures can be found on his own Wikipedia page.


Gordon the Big Engine.

Gordon the Big Engine is a fictional big blue tender engine from television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He is train number 4, painted blue with red stripes, and for quite some time he was the largest and strongest engine in The Fat Controller's fleet.

Gordon has always viewed himself as the most important engine, mostly because of his size and strength, and that his main task is to pull the Express. At times, this can lead to him feeling superior, even to the point of uppity. However, he usually learns his lesson, realising that all engines have their place in the team.

Further information about Gordon and his adventures can be found on his own Wikipedia page


James the Red Engine is a tender engine from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends who also featured in The Railway Series. James is engine number 5, coloured red with gold stripes & dome, and is a mixed-traffic engine, which means he can pull coaches and trucks.

While James is one of "the big engines" (a trio with Gordon and Henry), he is certainly the most junior member of this clique, often resulting in him getting too big for his boots. He often brags about his red paint, as though this made him superior to other engines (a notion which is usually dispelled quickly enough).

Further information on James and his adventures can be found on his own Wikipedia page.


Percy in the Season 2 episode Thomas, Percy and the Coal

Percy the Small Engine is a part of The Fat Controller's railway on the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, and in the Railway Series books. He is a green tank engine with red stripes, and has been given the number 6.

He is the youngest engine of the whole fleet, and in later this youthful inexperience has been heavily portrayed. He is quite a cheeky engine, often looking to trick or tease other engines. Percy does, however, have utmost respect when it is needed, referring to The Fat Controller as "Sir" every few words when addressing him.

Further information on Percy and his adventures can be found on his own Wikipedia page.


Toby the Tram Engine

Toby is a tram engine who works on the same branch line as Thomas the Tank Engine. He is a funny-shaped engine with cowcatchers and sideplates covering his wheels. Some say that he doesn't look like a steam engine at all. He doesn't mind this, just so long as nobody asks him if he's electric! His main job is taking stone to and from the quarry with his coach Henrietta, but he also helps with other jobs. He is painted brown, and is engine number 7.

Toby is old and wise, and is always willing to share his experience and knowledge with other engines. He is careful in everything he does, which means he very rarely has any accidents.

More information on Toby can be found on his own Wikipedia page.


Montague "Duck" the Great Western Engine.

Montague "Duck" the Great Western Engine is a character in The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry, as well as the TV Series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He is a green tank engine, who was given the numner 8 on arrival, and works efficiently as part of The Fat Controller's fleet. He currently runs his own branch line.

Duck holds great pride in being Great Western, and this results in him having a strong work ethic. This can, however, be a cause for friction with his colleagues, when he insists that his way ("the Great Western way") is the only right way to do things, but other engines understand this, and by and large give Duck their full respect.

Further information on Duck and his adventures can be found on his own Wikipedia page.

Donald and Douglas

File:Donald Douglas.jpg
Donald and Douglas

Donald and Douglas are twin tender engines who feature in both the TV Series and Railway Series. They came from Scotland and, although The Fat Controller was only expecting one engine, he decided to keep both engines in his fleet, giving them the numbers 9 and 10 respectively, as well as nameplates.

If not for coming to Sodor, Donald and Douglas would surely have been scrapped. Because of this, not only are they grateful to have a home, but they are always very sombre and serious when it comes to the topic of scrapping - a sensitive issue among the steam engine characters.

More information on Donald and Douglas can be found on their own Wikipedia page.


Oliver the Western Engine.

Oliver the Great Western Engine has appeared in both the TV Series (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) as well as The Railway Series. In the TV Series, Oliver was introduced in Season 3, being saved from scrap by Douglas, along with his brake van, Toad.

On arrival at Sodor, Oliver was restored, being painted mostly green, and given the number 11. He now works with Duck the Great Western Engine on his branch line. Sadly, his character has not been given the opportunity to develop to the same extent as other engines'.


AKA: Devious Diesel. Diesel was the first diesel engine to arrive on the Island of Sodor. He is coloured black, has six wheels, and has a very distinctive appearance.

Diesel is a scheming, oily trickster who likes to cause trouble wherever he goes. He first came to Sodor to help Duck, but he spread untrue and mean-spirited rumours that caused the Fat Controller to send him away. Unfortunately, Diesel has returned a number of times when the other engines need an extra hand. At present, he appears to be living on Sodor, but it is not known whether this will be a permanent position.

Diesel is a Class 08 diesel shunter. Engines of this type replaced hundreds of steam engines in the sidings and goods yards of British Railways. and can still be found at work to this very day.


Daisy is a Diesel Rail-car, who carries passengers without needing to pull passenger coaches. She is green with yellow stripes, and is very long and sleek in appearance.

Daisy arrived on Sodor after Thomas had an accident and needed repairs. She refused to pull any freight for some time, making up excuses, but after a scholding from The Fat Controller, she performed her duties as requested. She still, however, thinks she is better than any of her colleagues, and will use any opportunity to boast to them.

Daisy is one of the engines who have been notably absent in recent series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Bill and Ben

Bill and Ben are characters from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. They are twin tank engines who work for the Sodor China Clay Company. They are mostly yellow, have four wheels each and have their names attached to their sides on brown nameplates. Apart from their nameplates, they are absolutely identical- which can be confusing to engines who don't know them well. They are very small in size, especially when compared to otehr engines they work with.

They are young and cheeky, and love playing jokes on the big engines, but are kept in order by Edward and Boco. They work in the china clay quarry and at Brendam Docks, where they are kept busy shunting trucks. The Fat Controller sometimes allows them to carry out special jobs, like taking Boco's heavy goods train and running 'Brake Van Specials' for visitors, who often come to the quarries especially to see the twins.

Bill and Ben are 0-4-0 tank engines built by Bagnall's of Stafford. They are unusually low-slung, which allows them to fit through tunnels that taller engines could not. They are based on two locomotives which worked at Par in Cornwall which had lowered cabs in order to fit under a low bridge. The real examples are both preserved at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

Bill and Ben were introduced in Season 2, and have appeared irregularly since.


Boco is a green diesel who works mainly on Edward's Branch Line. He is quite long, like Daisy, but is not equipped with passenger seating.

Boco is a very kind engine, and is by and large considered the most sensible diesel engine on The Fat Controller's railway. Bill and Ben misunderstood him at first,going out of their way to trick him, but this was soon sorted out and good-natured Boco even managed to laugh about it later.

While his name in The Railway Series has a capitalised C (ie. "BoCo"), this capitalisation is not present in the TV Series.

Boco made his first appearance in Series 2, but sadly has been rarely seen since Series 3.


Despite looking somewhat like a steam engine, Mavis is in fact a diesel. She is mostly black, with yellow-and-black "hazard" patterning on her front and rear. Like Toby, her six wheels are concealed by sideplates and a cow-catcher. She also has her name, and "The Ffarquar Quarry Co." written on both her sides.

Mavis works at the quarry at the end of Thomas' Branch Line, where she mostly works with Toby. She is filled with youthful enthusiasm, and this often leads to her doing more work than is required of her - which wouldn't be so bad, if this didn't lead to incidents like endangering Toby.

Mavis was the last of the Standard Gauge engines to make the transition from The Railway Series to the TV Series (apart from Stepney, who is not a "Regular" character).

Bert and 'Arry, the Iron Works Diesels

Bert and 'Arry are characters from the TV Series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. They are brothers diesel engines who works at the scrapyards and smelters' sheds of Sodor. Their bodies are grey, but their fronts and rears are in a yelow-and-black "hazard" patterning, like Mavis', so that people working in the smelters' sheds can see them coming. They love nothing more than breaking up steam engines, and when they can't do that (often because the Fat Controller stops them), they enjoy making life difficult with spiteful tricks.

'Arry and Bert are British Railways Class 08 diesel shunters. Hundreds of these engines and similar types were built for service in Britain and Europe. They were very successful, and many are still at work today.

Bert and 'Arry were introduced in Season 5, and were the first characters to appear in the series without first appearing in the Railway Series. They are one of the few characters introduced in Season 5 still featuring in the later TV Series seasons. Along with Diesel, they are the only 'real' villians in the TV Series.

Arthur the LMS engine

Arthur is a big, maroon LMS tank engine featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. When he arrived on the Island of Sodor, he was as excited to work for Sir Topham Hatt as he was proud of his famous spotless record. Only time will tell if that record will stay as spotless as Arthur would like! He was bought to shunt trucks and haul freight, but then was transferred to the Fishing Village line, in which he enjoys working on. His best friends are Thomas the Tank Engine and Salty the Dockyard Diesel.

Arthur is a Fowler Tank Engine developed for the London Midland & Scottish Railway. These engines could haul heavy goods and were sometimes so good at performance, that some were used to haul passenger trains. There are many engines of this class preserved all across England. They performed so well that they survived right to the end of steam on British Railways, and were one of the last classes to be ordered for scrapping.

Arthur was not a part of the original Railway Series.

Narrow Gauge Engines' Descriptions


Skarloey is the oldest engine on the Skarloey Railway. Skarloey has appeared in both the Television Series and Railway Series.

According to the Railway Series ("Very Old Engines"), Skarloey came to the Island of Sodor a little sulky and, because he only had four wheels, tended to bounce somewhat. When trailing wheels and a cab were added, he ran far more efficiently. These events are yet to be depicted in the Television series.

Apart from these early events, Skarloey has always been a senior member of his narrow gauge railway in both the Television Series and Railway Series. He is knowledgeable and dedicated to his work.


Rheneas is one of the oldest engines on the Island of sodor. With his friend Skarloey he went away for 7 years to be mended after an incident. To save the railway, one afternoon when it was raining hard he had to pull the passengers but got cramped on top of a steep hill. He was very tired but managed to get the passengers to the station on time and then got sent away to be mended. When he came home all the engines greeted him and cheered and he was happy ever since. Some of his adventures have been .Saving the railway .Being chased by a boulder .Going down the mountainside like a rollercoaster

Sir Handel (formerly Falcon)

(Info to come)

Peter Sam (formerly Stuart)

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(Info to come)


Duke the Lost Engine book cover

Duke the Lost Engine is a fictional character from book of the same name in The Railway Series written by Rev. W. Awdry.


Duke lived and worked on the Mid-Sodor Railway with the engines Stuart and Falcon (later Peter Sam and Sir Handel respectively). He was the oldest engine on the line, and liked everything to be "just so". Whenever a young engine did something of which he disapproved, he would always say, "That would never suit His Grace." Falcon and Stuart thought he was a fusspot and a fuddy-duddy, and gave him the nickname of "Granpuff".

Once he managed to show Stuart up by playing a trick on him. He was rescued by the young engine when he was ill, but managed to trick the passengers into thinking that Stuart was the one who had broken down. On another occasion, he saved Falcon from a terrible accident when double-heading a train with him. Falcon came off the line on a steep mountainside, and only Duke's holding on prevented him from falling.

The biggest adventure yet came when his line was closed. Falcon and Stuart were sold, but nobody wanted the old-fashioned Duke. He was locked up and forgotten about. After many years, he was found by the Small Controller, the Thin Clergyman and the Fat Clergyman. He was then moved to the Skarloey Railway, where he now resides.

The story of Duke was based upon a true story about an engine abandoned in the Brazilian rain forest. Duke himself is based around the engine Prince, a tender engine on the Ffestiniog Railway at Porthmadog, North Wales. Both Duke and another engine called Bertram (from the television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) are based around Prince.