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Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen (aka Nguyen Xuan Tri) a Vietnamese-American was born on September 17, 1962, in Saigon, South Vietnam.


During the invasion of South Vietnam by the Communist North Vietnamese Army and their Viet Cong Agents, Dustin and his family left their beloved nation, while the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) were defending the capital city of Saigon.

His mother My Le was an actress and dancer and his father Xuan Phat an actor, writer and producer in South Vietnam.

They arrived in Guam, the family was moved to a refugee camp in Arkansas, with the assistance of a Methodist church they relocated to to Saint Louis, Missouri.

After he graduated highschool, he moved to Southern California and attended Orange Coast College and majored in communications.

He made his debut on Magnum P.I. portraying a cambodian freedom fighter, in episode Crouching.

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