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Super-natural, or trancending natural. In its generic sense, anything that seems to be beyond what may be seen in nature is called 'supernatural.' By definition such an event, if real, would be part of the natural order even though it may not be understood at present in science.

Much of what we call science today was once believed to be supernatural. The control of electricity, the manufacture of steel, cellular phones, all were once thought to be beyond the bounds of nature, and therefore supernatural.

In accord with the scientific method, science cannot hope to verify or disprove unilaterally all phenomena deemed supernatural, as those things that fall outside the bounds of what we know, are simply unknown at this time.

People who adhere to the substantiality of supernatural phenomena, cannot do so through the methods of science, rather they base such adherence in an experienced supernatural events, or a believe in the validity of these events.

From a psychological perspective, even imagined phenomena are 'real' to the individual as an event, and their characterisation orclassification of that event as supernatural or illusion in large part depends on their psychology.

Often claims of supernatural phenomena, directly and fundamentally conflict with current scientific understanding, as well as the dogma of the scientific perspective.

The supernatural commonly is synonymous with things that are magical, mysterious, or miraculous. It is often used as a characterisation of unknown or not-understood phenomena, particularly with respect to the abilities of people.

There have been many attempts to scientifically verify claims of supernatural phenomena. Many have failed, while others have claimed to show startling and unusual results. Most scientists claim that these phenomena are best classified as pseudoscience, and likely to be manifestations of a natural, explainable nature that are misinterpreted.

The supernatural is also a topic in various genres of fiction, such as fantasy and horror. Some examples of supernatural phenomena are miracles, ghosts, and psychic abilities like telekinesis and telepathy.