Western Canada Concept Party of British Columbia

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The Western canada Concept Party of BC was a provincial political party that was the British Columbia branch of the Western Canada Concept, a Canadian politicalparty that operated at the federal level, advocating the separationof the four weestern provinces of Canada and the formation of a new country comprising British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In the May 5, 1983, British Columbia provincial election, the party nominated 18 candidates. They won 14,185 votes, or 0.86% of the popular vote. Another western separatist party, the Western National Party, ran two candidates, who collected 474 votes (0.03% of the total).

In the October 22, 1986 general election, the party nominated one candidate, who won 322 votes, or 0.02% of the popular vote.

In the October 17, 1991 election, the party nominated 5 candidates, who collected 651 votes, or 0.04% of the popular vote.