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The Cleanup Taskforce is a cleanup method for Wikipedia compatible with and complementary to other cleanup pages and categories. It aims to deal with cleanup issues, fact checking, and the growth of Wikipedia in an efficient manner through a network of Wikipedians, and to ensure that any given issue is always on at least one individual's "desk" at any time. If you'd like to join, please see Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce/Members.


The aim of the Cleanup Taskforce is to deal with editorial issues, fact-checking, and Wikipedia formatting in the most efficient way possible. Policies and guidelines should work to support this aim.

Submit a request

Note: A new streamlined procedure is being tried instead of the traditional procedure described in this section. See below.

To submit an issue to the Cleanup Taskforce, link to a subpage with a unique name describing the issue below. Follow the redlink and create a subpage briefly describing the issue. Then, transclude the subpage onto a Cleanup Taskforce Member's desk.

Here is an example showing how to submit the Hesse-Homburg-Bingenheim article to an individual Taskforce member:

  1. Add a link and the date added [[/Hesse-Homburg-Bingenheim]] (May 19) to the Open issue list below.
  2. Click on the new red link and create a new page with the following contents:

The [[Hesse-Homburg-Bingenheim]] article is too short. We should have more information about this. ~~~~

''Added to [[User:EXAMPLE/Desk]]'' ~~~~
  1. Go to a Taskforce participant's desk and add the following line to it:
{{Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce/Hesse-Homburg-Bingenheim}}

Open tasks


Please help assign the following tasks to Taskforce members, or grab some for yourself:


The following tasks are currently active (with date of first assignment):

Alternate streamlined procedure

Because the process for adding issues to the Taskforce agenda is rather cumbersome, I'm going to experiment with using talk pages as the Taskforce collaboration point instead of a special transclusion page. I'm going to add a bunch of cleanup tasks from 2004, with the goal of getting at least one task on each participant's desk. -- Beland 00:54, 7 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]


  • Make sure the article is tagged for cleanup.
  • Add a link to the talk page to this page.
  • Add a link to the talk page from someone's desk.
  • Put a note on the talk page that you added it to that desk.

Originally from September, 2004

All opened 7 August, 2005.

Stale requests

If you notice a request that has been sitting on a participant's desk for more than 30 days, you can ask them to reassign it to someone else by putting this text on their user talk page:

{{subst:taskforce-ping}} -- ~~~~

This cleanup request is for the Cleanup Taskforce page itself:

How to close a completed request

  1. On the article's talk page, change the {{cleanup taskforce notice|ARTICLE NAME}} tag (if there is one) to {{cleanup taskforce closed|ARTICLE NAME}}. Otherwise, just note that you are closing the cleanup request.
  2. Make sure any cleanup tags have been removed from the article and its talk page.
  3. Remove it from Taskforce members' desks. (Visit the collaboration page and check "What links here".)
  4. Remove it from this page and, optionally, archive it at Wikipedia:Cleanup Taskforce/closed

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