A Chinese Tall Story

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A Chinese Tall Story (Chinese: 情癲大聖, Ching din dai sing) is a 2005 Hong Kong fantasy/adventure film, written and directed by Jeffrey Lau.

Plot summary


It is a twisted story about the monk Tripitaka, and his three disciples who are journeying west to acquire some Buddhist scriptures. While stopping in Shache City, they come under attack by minions of the evil Tree Demon, and the demons capture his three disciples.

He is then captured by the king of reptiles, and placed under the care of the ugly and shunned Meiyan, who falls in love with the monk. Luckily for Tripitaka, an alien princess rescues him, and Meiyan decides to team up with the princess in order to rescue the disciples.


The film greatly weaken goku strength wisdom and power. Also for commedy reason made you gai look weak in reality they far much stronger. Also the fact why the director chose weak yougai as to display the power of the aliens. But then shown the aliens being destroyed and tossed around helplessly by stronger tree yougai. Although if goku had defeated the yougai in the beginning their would be no need for the film. In the film the human ancstors couldn't defeat the yougai so they left. Even now with their new technology they still lost. The magical bomb that was used to destroy the yougai was the legendary bomb that could destroy the earth. Which is probably the alien people most treasured itme which is why they didn't use it in the beginning. But what is ridiclous is that the tree spirit could have contain the blast with his magic ki sheild why he didn't is unknown. But the girl main character seem to be of aliens ancient angel or even god. The fact that when the monk was getting hit due to her personality she could have freed herself to save him, but i think she wasn't able to considered all living things even her alien race must enter heaven when they die. The power and knowledge that the heaven realm possess through time and space seem to be far stronger then her. The legendary four kings were shown too be so weak. Which is simply untrue thet almost never lost a battle only once to son goku. Which brings me to the fact how come son goku can defeat the Four heavenly kings, and almost most of the infamous saints in heaven includeing na ja a powerful legendary prince of war and 100,000 mighty heaven soldiers which can destroy the universe when in the movie only shown about 50. He can single handed defeat that many enemys and can't handle a simple tree demon wow. One more fact the movie shows the power of the golden cludge, but in fact goku power is far greater then the cludge. Shown in the beginning of journey west he defeated the cludge in battle and in return the cludge will be eternal loyal to him. In fact the cludge shouldn't be able to be use unless goku approval. Goku true strength lies within his beastly nature that make the cludge look like a toy. In my opinion goku lost on purpose knowing wat would happen that is the key point in the movie without his defeat monk wouldn't meet the alien girl. He even said everyone would fall in love at least once he probable wanted his master to have a crack at it.

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