Advanced Digital Recording

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Advanced Digital Recording (ADR) is a magnetic tape data storage format developed by OnStream from 1998 to 2003. Since the demise of OnStream, the format has been orphaned. ADR is an 8-track, linear tape format.


Generation ADR 30 ADR 50 ADR 2.60 ADR 2.120
Release Date 1999 1999 2001 2001
Data Capacity 15 GB 25 GB 30 GB 60 GB
Transfer Rate (MB/s) 2 2 4 4
Tape Length (m)


The drive models for ADR 120 GB tapes can use both the ADR 60 GB and the ADR 120 GB tapes, while the 50 GB drives can use both ADR 30 GB and ADR 50 GB tapes.[1]


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