Alexander Bülow

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Alexander Bülow
Alexander Bülow
Born(1905-04-28)28 April 1905
Political partyNational Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP)
Criminal statusDeceased
Conviction(s)Crimes against humanity
TrialAuschwitz trial
Criminal penalty15 years imprisonment

Alexander Bülow (born 28 April 1905, date of death unknown) was an SS-Sturmmann and member of staff at Auschwitz concentration camp. He was prosecuted at the Auschwitz Trial.

Bülow was born in Andriówka. A farm worker, he was unable to read or write, until he joined the SS in November 1941. He worked at Auschwitz from then until January 1945 as a guard and escort, in particular at the subcamps of Auschwitz at Rajsko, Babice, and Budy.

Bülow was cruel to prisoners. He was tried by the Supreme National Tribunal at the Auschwitz Trial in Kraków and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Due to an amnesty, he was released in the fifties.


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