Xiong Xiling

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Xiong Xiling (Simplified Chinese: 熊希龄; Hanyu Pinyin: Xióng Xĩ Líng)(1870-1937), Premier of the Republic of China from July 1913 to February 1914. Born in Fenghuang, Xiangxi prefecture of Hunan, China Xiong was a Chinese scholar, reformist, politician and philanthropist of the late Qing Dynasty and the new Republic.

On July 1913, Xiong was appointed by Yuan Shikai as the Premier and Finance Minister. However, after a few months the relationship between Xiong and Yuan began to deteriorate, triggered by their conflicting views on governance. On February 1914, Xiong resigned from the Premiership.

After he left politics, Xiong involved in some education and charity institutions to help the unfortunates of Beijing and Shanghai. Xiong was in Shanghai helping the refugees during the Japanese's invasion. After the falls of Shanghai, he went to Hong Kong. He died in Hong Kong on December 1937.