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Cryptocurrency comparisonEdit

Service General Privacy
Algorithm Consensus Mechanism Dev Reward Total Supply Anonymity Set Size Visible Balances Mobile Privacy Privacy for the Receiver Privacy for the Sender Privacy Protocol Private Transactions Supply Shielded
Beam Equihash (modified) PoW None 262,800,000 up to 64k No ? No visible addresses or amounts Dandellion++ Lelantus-MW By Default 100%
Bitcoin Hashcash PoW ? 21,000,000 ? Yes ? No No No No ?
Grin Cuckoo Cycle PoW None ? ? ? ? ? ? ? By Default ?
Komodo Equihash dPoW ? 200,000,000 ? ? Sapling zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs Optional ?
Monero Cryptonight v7 PoW None Infinite 7 No Yes Stealth Address Ring Signatures Cryptonote By Default 100%
Pirate Chain Equihash dPoW None 200,000,000 Infinite No Sapling zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs By Default 99.9%
Verge Can choose between Lyra2rev2, Scrypt, X17, blake2s and myr-groestl PoW None 16,555,000,000 ? ? ? ? ? ? Optional ?
Zcash Equihash PoW 10% of Supply 21,000,000 1.000+ Yes (Non shielded) Sapling zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs zk-SNARKs Optional 6,4%
Zcoin Lyra2 PoW 10% of Supply 21.400,000 1.000+ Yes (Non shielded) No No Zerocoin Zerocoin Optional 5%