Elnec is a Slovak manufacturer of device programming systems for programmable integrated circuits.[1]

Elnec s.r.o.
IndustryElectronics, Technology
ProductsDevice programmers


Since its founding in 1991, the company has been oriented towards developing and manufacturing developer tools like device programmers, emulators, simulators and logic analyzers.[2]

Core business of the company today is only the development and manufacture of equipment that transfers data into various non-volatile semiconductor devices. These devices can be sorted into three categories: Microcontroller, Flash Memory, Programmable Logic Devices.

Most of Elnec device programmers can be referred as universal[3][4] due to support of many programmable devices from different semiconductor companies as Microchip, STMicroelectronics, EM microelectronics, etc.

Elnec’s products are sold also under ODM names as B&K Precision, Dataman[5] or Minato.

One of company's competitors is Data I/O.

Current productsEdit

Elnec production can be divided into groups:

  • Multiprogramming systems (Production programmers) - Used for programming devices in high volumes by Electronics manufacturers and programming centers.
  • Universal programmers - Designed for individual users (new electronics products development, chip tuning) and small manufacturers of electronics.
  • Specialized programmers - Products specialized for programming specific programmable devices groups (families): EPROM, EEPROM, MCU, Flash, etc.
  • Programming adapters - Programmable devices could be bought in different package types:SSOP, SOIC, PLCC, QFN, BGA, etc. Programming Adapters are used to convert a pinout of selected programmable device package into interface used by programmer. Elnec’s programmers use DIL interface as a standard.


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