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Adding images to Wikipedia

Uploading images
Wikimedia Commons

Inserting images
Worth a thousand words

Editing the details
What am I looking at?

For large picture sets

Review of what you've learned


  • Images are stored on Wikimedia Commons so that they can be used by all languages versions and sister projects of Wikipedia
  • Images to be uploaded to the Commons must be free to be reused by anyone
  • Non-free images may be stored on Wikipedia's servers, but only in certain circumstances and only if a free equivalent is not possible
  • The Insert  menu's "Media" option in the VisualEditor toolbar allows you to upload new images and insert existing ones
  • You should describe each new images with a caption and with alternative text so that readers can understand them
  • Sets of images can be inserted as a "gallery" if individual images are insufficient

More detailed information

Test what you've learned in a sandbox Test what you've learned in a sandbox