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Editing tables
Updating information

Adding new tables
Much easier than it used to be

Expanding tables
Adding rows and columns

Review of what you've learned

Insert a blank table

VisualEditor insert table.png
VisualEditor empty table.png

To add a new, blank table, go to the Insert MediaWiki Vector skin action arrow.png menu and select the "Table" option.

Once you've chosen the number of rows and columns, it will be inserted into the article so that you can add in the contents for each cell.

Pressing Tab ↹ will select the cell to the right.

Pressing ↵ Enter will select the cell below.

Insert a table of information

Alternatively, you can copy the cells of any spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) and paste them into the editing area.

VisualEditor table copypaste.png

Similarly, you can import an entire existing table by dragging a comma-separated value (.csv) file from your computer into the editing window.