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Agumon is the partner of Tai Kamiya in the first and second seasons of the animated television series Digimon. He is a Rookie level digimon. He is a small tyrannosaurus creature. His attack is Pepper Breath. He is humble by nature and practically the best friend a courageous leader can have.

In the second season, he was kidnapped by the Digimon Emperor to make him his slave, but was rescued by the Digidestined.

Primarily-used Stages (level):

Secondary Stages (level):

Also in movie 2 when Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon DNA Digivolve together to create Omnimon and Wargreymons body becomes Omnimons left arm. In movie 4 (Which was never released in America) when Omnimon was injured it's gives its energy to Imperial Dramon Fighter Mode where the main body transforms into a sword called the Omega Blade creating Imperial Dramon Paladin Mode and the Wargreymon head turns back to being Agumon.