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Macedonian most often refers to someone or something from or related to Macedonia.

Macedonian(s) may also refer to:



  • Macedonians (ethnic group), a nation and a South Slavic ethnic group primarily associated with North Macedonia
  • Macedonians (Greeks), the Greek people inhabiting or originating from Macedonia, a geographic and administrative region of Greece
  • Macedonian Bulgarians, the Bulgarian people from the region of Macedonia
  • Macedo-Romanians (disambiguation), an outdated and rarely used anymore term for the Aromanians and Megleno-Romanians, both being small Eastern Romance ethno-linguistic groups present in the region of Macedonia
  • Macedonians (obsolete terminology), an outdated and rarely used umbrella term to designate all the inhabitants of the region, regardless of their ethnic origin, as well as the local Slavs and Romance-speakers, as a regional and ethnographic communities and not as a separate ethnic groups


  • Ancient Macedonians, an ancient Greek tribe associated with the ancient region and kingdom of Macedonia


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