Chilly Willy

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Chilly Willy is a fictional cartoon penguin. He became popular in his series of mini-shorts on the Woody Woodpecker television program. Willy's main motivation in life is to be warm, and he pursues this end through a number of charming and humorous adventures.

Fans of the show fondly remember the lyrics to the theme song of the cartoon:

"I´m Chilly Willy the penguin
I shake until I´m blue
My head is hot and my feet are cold
Ha Hee Hachoo
Now what about the crocodiles
along the river Nile
I´ll bet they´re all as warm as toast
They always seem to smile
I´m always Chilly Willy
I´m frozen through and through
My nose is red and my tale is told
Ha Hee Hachoo."