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French battleship Suffren
Suffren was a predreadnought battleship built for the French Navy and completed in 1902. The ship was assigned to the Mediterranean Squadron for most of her career and often served as a flagship. She twice collided with French ships and twice had propeller shafts break before the start of World War I in 1914. Suffren was assigned to the naval operations off the Dardanelles, participating in a series of attacks on Ottoman fortifications. She was moderately damaged on 18 March 1915 and was sent to Toulon for repairs. She returned to provide gunfire support for the Allied forces during the Gallipoli campaign. Suffren provided covering fire as the Allies withdrew from the peninsula and accidentally sank one of the evacuation ships. She was then assigned to the squadron tasked to prevent Greek interference with Allied operations on the Salonica Front. While en route to Lorient for a refit, Suffren was torpedoed off Lisbon by a German submarine on 26 November 1916 and sunk with all hands. This photograph shows Suffren off Toulon in October 1911.Photograph credit: Agence Rol; restored by Adam Cuerden