Static Shock

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Static Shock is a comic book series by Milestone (an imprint of DC Comics).

The protagonist of the series is Static, a young African-American superhero with electrifying powers. His real name is Virgil Hawkins, a student at Dakota Union High School in the fictional city of Dakota.

Virgil's best friend, Richie Foley, has enhanced brainpower that makes him very clever with gadgets. He is Static's sidekick, under the name of "Gear". He also has a sister named Sharon Hawkins.

Static Shock has also been made into an animated television series starring Phil LaMarr as Static. The series sometimes features guest appearances by characters from other DC animated series, including Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League.


  • Rubberband Man - an elastic person in purple color. He was defeated by Static.


  • Attack of the Living Brain Puppets
  • Brother-Sister Act
  • Fallen Hero
  • Out of Africa
  • Pop's Girlfriend
  • Rubber? - this episode features the evil Rubberband Man, Static was firing at Rubberband Man but most of them were hit n' miss fires. He was later trapped Static and meanwhile, faded Rubberbandman Down.
  • Static Shaq
  • Tantrum