Soyuz TM-7

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Soyuz TM-7
Mission Statistics
Mission Name: Soyuz TM-7
Call Sign: Donbas
Number of Crew Members: 3
Launch: November 26, 1988
15:49:34 UTC
Baikonur LC1
Landing: April 27, 1989
02:57:58 UTC
140 km NE of Dzhezkazgan
Duration: 151 days 11 hours 08 minutes 24 seconds
Number of Orbits: ?




Mission Parameters

  • Mass: 7000 kg
  • Perigee: 194 km
  • Apogee: 235 km
  • Inclination: 51.6°
  • Period: 88.8 minutes

Mission Highlights

7th expedition to Mir. Launched crew includes French astronaut.

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Soyuz TM-6
Soyuz programme Next Mission:
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