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Most Haunted is a programme based on investigating purported paranormal activity that is shown on the satellite and cable channels LIVINGtv, LIVINGtv2 and ftn, primarily for the UK market. It is produced and presented by ANTIX Productions, which consists of Yvette Fielding and her husband Karl Beattie. It is an example of the genre of Paranormal Television.


As well as Yvette Fielding (the Host) and Karl Beattie (the Producer), a number of other individuals have been featured on this show and some of them have remained (Kath and Stuart, to name a few) to become a group of ghost hunters. Throughout the series, the team goes to supposedly haunted sites, looking for proof of life after death within the span of 24 hours -- in hopes to capture a full blown apparation on film.

Accompanying this group is a "psychic medium," Derek Acorah, and purportedly his spirit guide 'Sam.' In the second series, Phil Whyman joins the cast as a paranormal investigator, a role played in the first series by Jason Karl. Phil Whyman left the show at the end of Series Four and was replaced by a Liverpool Hope University parapsychology lecturer, Ciarán O' Keeffe. In Series Six, Spiritualist, medium and astrologer David Wells (well known in British TV) joins the team as a second psychic to bring balance to the claims made by Derek. To note, the psychic Ian Lawman was featured prominently in several episodes of Series Five. Another new medium, Gordon Smith will appear on the show from Series 7, replacing the departing Derek Acorah.

Throughout the series, commentary has been provided by Louie Savva and -- especially -- Dr. Matthew Smith of the Society for Psychical Research explaining how some encounters need to be properly and scientifically measured, controlled and studied -- in lieu to group and environmental dynamics occurring at that time -- before it can be properly deemed truly paranormal than just haunted.

From Series 2 to present, folklorist and historian Richard Felix has joined and travels with the crew as they investigate hauntings. He first met this group when they visited Derby Gaol, a reputedly haunted property in Derby, England.

The Most Haunted crew includes:

  • Yvette Fielding - Presenter
  • Karl Beattie - Producer
  • Gordon Smith- Medium
  • David Wells - Clairvoyant
  • Ciarán O' Keeffe - Parapsychologist
  • Richard Felix - Historian
  • Stuart Torvell - Rigger
  • Catherine Howe - Make-up artist
  • Jon Dibley - Cameraman
  • Andy MacDonald - Director of photography
  • Suzanne Vinton - Scripts
  • Matthew Smith - Parapsychologist (Most Haunted Live)
  • David Bull - Most Haunted Live Presenter
  • Richard Jones - Historian (Most Haunted Live)
  • Victoria Lysaght - Production Manager
  • Alex Lysaght - Production Manager
  • Louie Savva - Parapsychologist
  • Julian Clegg - Most Haunted Live
  • Iain Cash - Cameraman
  • Alan Clark - Music Composer

Previous members of cast and crew

  • Derek Acorah - Spiritualist Medium Series 1-6
  • Jason Karl, Paranormal Investigator (Series 1)
  • Phil Whyman, Paranormal Investigator (Series 2-4)
  • Ian Lawman, Psychic (Series 5)
  • Dave Scanlan, Paranormal Investigator, Most Haunted Live 2
  • Rick Fielding, Cameraman
  • CJ Romer, Researcher, appears as 'expert' on Most Haunted Live 4.
  • Brian Shephard, Psychic Artist Series 5
  • Marion Goodfellow, Psychic Artist Series 5
  • Will Hanrahan, Producer for Hanrahan Media in early Most Haunted Lives.
  • Craig Harman, Cameraman
  • Jane Millichip, Executive Producer for LivingTV, Most Haunted Lives 1-5


The programme is set in supposedly haunted locations across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland and the USA. This group of would-be investigators would spend a night at a location, conduct walks and record their reactions to odd sounds, movements or shadows that may occur. This includes the recording of 'orbs.' While there is debate over what these orbs truly are amongst occultists and paranormal groups, scholarly or otherwise, the team of Most Haunted considers them to be the first stage of a possible ghostly manisfestation.

Each week the show investigates a different haunted place. Some featured locations have been RAF East Kirby, Derby Gaol, The Edinburgh Vaults, Greengate Brewery, Moresby Hall, Woodchester Mansion, Owlpen Manor, and the Clerkenwell House of Detention in London. There was a special in the USA, in which the team investigated the ship Queen Mary over a 2 week-long stay.

Most Haunted Live

There have been several programmes called Most Haunted Live which are simply live broadcast versions of the regular show, sometimes set in a large haunted location or haunted town, stretching from one hour to three. Some segments are pre-recorded for television production reasons (i.e. to have video clips ready to show to the live audience as the crew runs from one haunted location to another).

Most Haunted Live was originally produced by ANTIX Productions (episode one) before being produced by HanrahanMedia. MHL 6 was a co-production. From Live number seven onwards, Most Haunted Live has been produced by ANTIX Productions; it changed from a one night to three consecutive night hunt-fest. Throughout, the crew has been as on the main series, though the show adds studio presenter Dr. David Bull and second historian Richard Jones. Later Live broadcasts added an interactive element with Julian Clegg as the man in charge of the call center, Internet included.

While the location has been well researched, the term investigation is a mixed-metaphor to describe what the crew is doing. They neither take the necessary scientific precautions in their experiments to prove the existance of the paranormal and nor is the television medium perfect in offering credence on the topic of paranormal investigation.


On several occasions the "psychic medium" Derek Acorah was purportedly possessed by an entity, sometimes evil or sometimes "lost and confused." Whether this was in fact a real paranormal event or acting on Derek's part, the audience is left to decide for themselves. Other people might say the possession-of-the-day (week, for the television one-off version) makes the show more interesting.

This show is a topic of great debate in Britain, with two websites dedicated to debunking it, and an enthusiastic fan community on the 'Most Haunted Forum' at Living TV's website. It is regarded as cult television in the UK.

Series locations

The following is a list of every location Most Haunted have investigated to date. More information on all these locations can be found on the official site.Series 7 is currently in production and will be aired on LIVINGtv in November 2005.


Series 1

  • Culzean Castle
  • Chillingham Castle
  • Souter Lighthouse
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Derby Gaol
  • The Lawn (Never filmed, but announced by Living - the location was subsequently dropped)
  • Treasure Holt
  • London Haunts
  • The Ostrich Inn
  • The Mermaid Inn
  • Athelhampton Hall
  • Red Lion Inn
  • Leap Castle
  • Charleville Forest Castle

Series 2

  • Bell Inn,
  • Tutbury Castle
  • The Skirrid Inn
  • Llancaiach Fawr Manor House
  • Pengersick Castle
  • The Station Hotel
  • Brannigan's Nightclub
  • Lafferty's Heritage Centre
  • House of Detention
  • Caesar's Nightclub
  • The Clockhouse

Series 3

  • RAF East Kirkby
  • Edinburgh Vaults
  • Aberglasney House
  • Fitz Manor
  • Galleries of Justice
  • Moresby Hall
  • Leith Hall
  • Schooner Hotel
  • Muckleburgh
  • Tamworth Castle

Series 4

  • Mary King's Close
  • The Manor House
  • The Greengate Brewery
  • Croxteth Hall
  • The Guild Hall
  • Manor House Restaurant
  • Hellfire Caves
  • Owlpen Manor
  • Craig Y Nos Castle
  • Chatham Docks
  • Wellington Hotel
  • Jamaica Inn

Series 5

  • Chough Hotel
  • Ordsall Hall
  • The Old Hall Hotel
  • Samlesbury Hall
  • The Black Swan Hotel
  • Oldham Coliseum
  • Kinnitty Castle
  • The Ancient Ram Inn
  • Castle Leslie
  • Pleasley Vale Mills
  • Kasteel Doorwerth
  • Bodelwydden Castle
  • Kasteel Ammersoyen
  • Annesley Hall

Series 6

  • Bodmin Gaol
  • Dalston Hall
  • Somerleyton Hall
  • Prideaux Place
  • Golden Fleece Inn (Which featured Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills.)
  • Lower Well Head Farm
  • Tynedale Farm
  • The Ghosthouse, location unknown
  • The London Dungeons
  • Petty France Manor
  • Arreton Manor
  • Appuldercombe Manor
  • Fyvie Castle
  • Craigeivar Castle
  • Whaley House USA
  • RMS Queen Mary episode 1 USA
  • RMS Queen Mary episode 2 USA
  • Bolling Hall
  • Elvaston Castle
  • Smithills Hall, Bolton
  • Tissington Hall
  • Hellens Manor
  • Tretower Court
  • The Hollywood Legion, California
  • The Leonis Adobe, California
  • Drum Barracks, California

All these episodes will be repeated a week after the series ends on 18th October, and every week after, on LIVINGtv.

Series 7 (Running order not yet confirmed, subject to confirmation.)

  • More locations to be announced in November.
  • Mains Hall, Lancashire
  • Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon
  • Carbrooke Hall Pub, Yorkshire
  • Beagle's Lighting Shop, Lincolnshire
  • Sinai Park House, Derbyshire
  • The Minors Arms Pub, Derbyshire
  • York Railway Heritage Museum, Yorkshire
  • Alcatraz Prison, USA
  • CalNeva Hotel Resort, USA
  • Brookdale Lodge, USA
  • The Cross Keys Hotel, Essex
  • The Coronation Street Set, Granada Studios, Manchester
  • The Old House, Kent
  • Caphouse Colliary, Yorkshire
  • Wakefield Theatre Royal, Yorkshire
  • Gunby Hall, Lincolnshire
  • The Haunted Mansion, Orlando, Florida
  • The Old Bodega Bay Schoolhouse, California, USA

Most Haunted Lives

Special Episodes

  • Most Haunted Celebrity Special featuring Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorell at Belgrave Hall.
  • Most Haunted Access All Areas - The making of Most Haunted Live at Halloween 2003 from Beaulieu Abbey.
  • Most Haunted first 1 hour special from Levens Hall.
  • Most Haunted Live: "Pendle Hell" - A retrospective look at the Halloween 2004 special, featuring interviews with the cast and crew.

Books and DVDs

A large number of episodes are available as DVD's from LivingTV.

There is one book available as of August 2005

  • Most Haunted: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Guide ~Yvette Fielding, Derek Acorah, 2005

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