Wikipedia:Accessibility advocates

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This page has been created to support editors who have accessibility problems with Wikipedia, up to and including potentially facing disciplinary measures. It can often be that individual editors, through no fault of their own but rather as a result of certain conditions they may have, will have difficulties of one sort or another editing Wikipedia.

The list below consists of editors who have agreed to assist editors facing such situations.

Editors who are on this list and who use userboxes might like to add {{User accessibility advocate}} to their user page. This adds the user to the Category:Wikipedian accessibility advocates and also creates the following userbox:

Wikiproject Accessibility Logo- Advocate VersionThis user is an advocate for editors with accessibility issues

A note about confidentiality: Information divulged to an advocate via e-mail will be treated as confidential unless expressed permission is given to share it. An advocate may request to share information in cases where (s)he believes it could be of significant help, such as to the mediation committee. The only time confidential information might be shared without permission is if a user expresses an intention to harm another user in real life, which hopefully will never happen!
Information divulged over talk pages is publicly accessible, and thus we cannot guarantee that it will be kept confidential.


Name Contact Information Notes
John Carter (talk · contribs) Would prefer initial contacts on talk page, as I have a real problem remembering to check my e-mail unless prompted What you send to me on my user talk page is accessible to anyone. On that basis, if you have any concerns about confidentiality, please request that I check my e-mail and make any confidential comments there. Unless given specific indications that certain information can be public knowledge, I will hold any information divulged in strict confidence.
L'Aquatique (talk · contribs) Email preferred. I'm easy to get along with and ready to help, just let me know what I can do for you. I tend to be online during the late afternoon and evening (my time zone is UTC-9).
Ancient Apparition (talk · contribs) Email preferred. I'm willing to help where I can, if you have concerns about privacy or the confidentiality of my communications, your emails will be held in confidence. My timezone is UTC+10.