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To write the next newsletter:

  1. Start a new subpage by clicking on the preload link and saving (next month's newsletter has already been created).
  2. Fill out the sections as necessary. A guide for each section can be found at Administrators' newsletter/Guide.
  3. Redirect the talk page of the month's newsletter to Wikipedia talk:Administrators' newsletter in order to centralize discussion.
  4. When ready to release:
    1. Add the 4-6 most important points from the latest issue to Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/2023/10/List (example)
    2. Update the month on Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/Subscription-box and verify it is up-to-date (refresh cache).
    3. Update Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/Archive and Template:ANEWS archive nav with a link to the latest issue.
    4. Go to Special:MassMessage:
      • Page or category containing list of pages to leave a message on: Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/Subscribe
      • Subject of the message (also used as the edit summary): Administrators' newsletter – September 2023
      • Body of the message: {{subst:Wikipedia:Administrators' newsletter/Mass message}}
      • DO NOT USE THE Page to be sent as a message OPTION!
    5. Substitution is important! Hit "Preview" to make sure everything looks right before sending it out.