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Final Fantasy X is the first installment of the Final Fantasy video game series ever to grace the Sony Playstation 2. The game was released in Japan on July 19, 2001, in North America on December 18, 2001, in Europe on May 24, 2002, and in Korea on June 4, 2002. Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy game to be released in Korea. It is also the first Final Fantasy game ever to spawn a direct sequel, hence Final Fantasy X-2.

Final Fantasy X marks the graphical transition to fully three-dimensional graphics due to the Sony Playstation 2's extra graphics capabilities, instead of pre-rendered backdrops. A map comes in handy to prevent the player from getting lost. Although storyline is the game's main focus, many critics believe that the game is centered solely on graphics. Final Fantasy X is also the first in the Final Fantasy series to sport voice acting. Voice acting is the most controversial addition in the Final Fantasy series. Critics have complained about the voice acting in the English version of the game. Tidus, voiced by James Arnold Taylor in the English version, was supposed to be impulsive and energetic, but most of his dialogue lines are believed to be ending up sounding somewhat lackluster and juvenile. Critics also panned the minigame Blitzball.

Final Fantasy X's battle system is rather original. It is called Conditional Time Battle (or Count Time Battle) system. It was devised by Front Mission mastermind Toshiro Tsuchida, in place of Active Time Battle. The battle system also allows the player to switch characters during battle, since the party is limited to three characters simultaneously. Final Fantasy X's leveling system is also original. It is called the Sphere Grid system. The Sphere Grid system allows the characters to deviate from their traditional storyline traits as to class, such as making summoner Yuna a physical powerhouse and Auron a healer. The Sphere Grid was later modified in Final Fantasy X-2 as the Garment Grid.


The world Final Fantasy X is called Spira. It is composed of one continent and several islands. Basically life in Spira is simple, because the technological civilization was destroyed by an evil being known as Sin.

Zanarkand is located on the north edge of Spira, but it has already been reduced to ruins by the forces of Sin 1,000 years before the event of Final Fantasy X. The former Zanarkand was called by Tidus as the dream Zanarkand.

Bevelle is the center of the Yevon church.


Mount Gagazet
This snowy mountain is located near Zanarkand Ruins. The Ronso tribe lives there.
This is the center of the Yevon religion. It is also the birthplace of Yuna.
Macalania Forest
Little is known about this forest.
Bikanel Island
This is the center of the Al Bhed tribe, and is the location of the Al Bhed capital, Home.
This is the center of the Guado tribe.
Zanarkand Ruins
Holy land of the Yevon religion, it is held that these ruins are what is left of Zanarkand after it fell to Sin one thousand years ago. Tidus claims to be from this city, before its destruction, and even played on its blitzball team. This claim is heretical under the Yevon religion, leading to Tidus' secrecy on the matter.
Mi'hen Highway
This is the roadway to the Djose temple and the place where Operation Mi'hen took place.
Home of the Luca Goers, a blitzball team which is one of the best in Spira. It is also the area where the blitzball stadium is located.
Kilika Island
Isle of Besaid
Home of the Besaid Aurochs, this island is where Yuna of Bevelle was raised. Also, this is where Tidus washed up after his second encounter with Sin.


The story of Final Fantasy X takes place mostly in the country of Spira and begins in Zanarkand, the city that never sleeps. Spira is a country shaped by the Yevon religion and has a dark history. It takes place 1,000 years after the original appearance of a mysterious evil force known as Sin, and 10 years after Auron, Jecht, and Braska previously defeated Sin. It involves Tidus of Zanarkand, a 17-year-old player of blitzball who is the son of Jecht, Braska's great guardian. Tidus witnesses the destruction of Zanarkand by an evil being known as Sin. He first meets with Auron at the beginning, and then they fight the first boss Sinscales in Zanarkand. After the catastrophic of event in Zanarkand, Tidus is suddenly teleported to Spira, a beautiful country with a dark history (since the mother of Final Fantasy's creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, died just before the time of Final Fantasy X). He later meets with Wakka of Besaid, and subsequently meets with Kimahri Ronso in a fight, then he meets with Yuna of Bevelle, Lulu of Besaid, and Rikku the Al Bhed (daughter of Cid the Al Bhed). Together, Tidus and his party go on a journey to confront the malevolent Sin. Final Fantasy X later spawned a sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, as suggested in the intermission video "Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm."

Tribes and Races

  • Guado race. This is Seymour's race. Guados are similar to elves, except that they have sharp, clawlike fingers. Seymour Guado was the Maester of Yevon. He attempted to marry Yuna, but his wedding plans were crashed by Tidus and Kimahri.
  • Ronso race. This is Kimahri's race. Ronsos are usually very tall. Kimahri is short for a Ronso, and his relatives called him "Little Ronso." No female Ronso was used as a playable character in Final Fantasy X or X-2.
  • Al Bhed tribe. Al Bhed tribe is Rikku's tribe. Yuna is a half Al Bhed, while Rikku is a full-blooded Al Bhed. Al Bheds speak their own language instead of the official language of Spira, represented by the language Final Fantasy X is played in.


Final Fantasy X is the first time Nobuo Uematsu has ever had any assistance in composing music for Final Fantasy games. His assistants for Final Fantasy X were Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano. One song is a piano solo called "To Zanarkand", played at the prologue of Final Fantasy X. A notable song is Suteki Da Ne, which has four versions. The vocal versions (band and orchestra versions) were sung by Japanese folk singer Nakano Ritsuki, later known as Rikki. Suteki Da Ne is sung in Japanese both in the Japanese and English versions of Final Fantasy X. A number of critics prefer the orchestra version over the band version, and some others have the reverse. The song title "Suteki Da Ne" loosely translates "isn't it beautiful."


The character designer was Tetsuya Nomura. He designed the Final Fantasy X characters similar to the way he designed the Final Fantasy VIII characters. The scenario designer was Kazushige Nojima, who resigned in 2003.

Playable Characters

  • Tidus of Zanarkand - Tidus is a player of Spira's most popular sport Blitzball. He is the main character of Final Fantasy X. In battle, he wields Longswords, and he is recommended for enemies that are too agile for other playable characters to encounter. The first time Tidus meets Kimahri Ronso is in a duel between them. Tidus was voiced by James Arnold Taylor, the voice actor for Milo James Thatch of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. His legendary weapon is the Catabolg. Tidus also appeared as a non-playable character in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Yuna of Bevelle - Yuna is a summoner (but not in Final Fantasy X-2) and the female lead of the game. She is also the main character of Final Fantasy X-2. Tidus meets Yuna on the Isle of Besaid. Yuna's guardians are the other players of the game, Kimahri Ronso being the most loyal of her guardians. Yuna was voiced by Hedy Burress.
  • Auron - Auron goes with Tidus at the beginning of the game. He is also Tidus's mentor. His weapons are called Blades. He is also scheduled to appear in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Kimahri Ronso - Kimahri is Yuna's most faithful guardian. He knew Yuna ever since her parents died when she was a child. He is a dragoon, similar to Final Fantasy IV's Kain Highwind, wielding spears (or lances). He is very protective. Tidus first meets Kimahri in a duel against him. Kimahri also appears as a nonplayable character in Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Wakka of Besaid - Wakka is a blitzball player from Besaid. Tidus meets him when entering Besaid. Wakka talks to Tidus about the teachings of Yevon, the religion that shaped Spira. He wields the blitzball as a weapon, and he is useful against aerial monsters. Voice actor of Wakka was John DiMaggio, who also known as the voice actor of Bender from Futurama. Wakka also appeared as a non-playable character in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Lulu of Besaid - Lulu is another of Yuna's guardians. She is initially very skeptical of Tidus's participation in the quest.
  • Rikku the Al Bhed - Rikku helps Tidus when he first arrives in Spira, but then disappears from the plot for a while, becoming the last character to join the team. She was voiced by Tara Strong.

Nonplayable Characters

Cid the Al Bhed
It is traditional in the Final Fantasy series that each game should have a character named Cid, who controls an airship on behalf of the party. In Final Fantasy X, this role is fulfilled by Cid of the Al Bhed.
A summoner, like Yuna, travelling to temples scattered across Spira until he is ready to battle Sin.
Seymour Guado
He is the maester of the Guado, and has an affection for Yuna. He is battled repeatedly throughout the game. Tidus manages to crash his wedding plans.

Major Enemies

  • Braska's Final Aeon
  • Evrae and Evrae Altanis
  • Jecht
  • Sin
  • Yunalesca
  • Spectral Keeper
  • Seymour Guado (4 times)
  • Yu Yevon

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