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Sympleko lives in Medford, Massachusetts and teaches math at Harvard University. He has been known to procrastinate by hanging out on Wikipedia.

Minor contributions

Update merge template usage

I noticed on Wikipedia:Bandwagon that the Template:Merge and Template:Mergefrom templates had their usages changed. The APB went out to find all articles using the old template and change them.

Following an idea of User:Oleg Alexandrov I used the WWW::Mediawiki::Client package for perl and wrote some scripts. Seems to be working so far.

Ooops. Now that the run is over, I discovered that I may have committed a no-no by running an authorized bot. I'm sorry if I bogged down the server. I'm done now.


These are some articles I've worked on a little bit.

Very minor contributions

In progress

I've finally merged my ramblings on symplectic geometry (except for the etymology) into the main articles.

To do

  1. "Finish" symplectic vector space
  2. etymology of symplectic
  3. cleanup binary prefix merges: tebibyte, etc.
  4. Use WWW::Wikimedia::Client to do the same for
  5. Clear out Category:Heir Apparent
  6. Fermat's Theorem (stationary points)

Real Soon Now