1907 Dominion Championship

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1907 Dominion Championship
Peterborough Club Montreal Football Club
(1–1) (5–1)
10 71
Head coach: 
Head coach: 
1234 Total
Peterborough Club 6400 10
Montreal Football Club 23122214 71
DateNovember 30, 1907
LocationMcGill University
Montreal, Quebec
RefereeRussell Britton

The 1907 Dominion Championship was a Canadian football game that was played on November 30, 1907 at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec that determined the Senior Rugby Football champion of Canada for the 1907 season.[1][2] This was the first championship game to feature the newly-created Interprovincial Rugby Football Union (IRFU) champion, which was the Montreal Football Club. Montreal defeated the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU) champion Peterborough Club in a 71–10 blowout victory to win their second Canadian Championship.[1][3][4] This was the eighth appearance in the title game for Montreal and the first and only appearance for Peterborough.[2][1] Notably, referee Russell Britton admitted after the game that there was a scoring error when a touch-in-goal (one point) was given to Montreal when it should have counted as a try (five points).[3] While the score should have been 75–10, it was officially recorded as 71–10.[1][3][5] This was the highest scoring Dominion championship/Grey Cup in Canadian football history.[1][2]


The Intercollegiate Union did not allow the CIRFU champion Ottawa College to play Montreal for the Dominion title, in solidarity with a decision made by the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union (CAAU).[6] The CAAU alleged that IRFU players were professionals and would not allow college teams to play against them.[6][5] The CAAU also decreed that they would ban any teams from playing an intercollegiate team that had also played against an IRFU team.[7] A match had been scheduled for November 23, 1907 between Peterborough and Ottawa, but only if it were for Dominion honours.[7] Because Peterborough intended on playing Montreal in a championship game if they won, and Ottawa could not play Montreal if they won, the match was cancelled.[7][8] While a home-and-home series was considered, ultimately this sudden death game was scheduled for November 30 instead.[8][9]


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