2023 Haiti floods

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2023 Haiti floods
Satellite imagery of the storm system responsible for the floods on 3 June
CauseHeavy rains
Meteorological history
Duration2–3 June 2023
Overall effects
Areas affectedOuest, Nippes, Sud-Est, Nord-Ouest, and Centre departments, Haiti
Houses destroyed≥160

On 2–3 June 2023, heavy rains caused destructive flooding across Haiti. Western areas of the country were particularly hard-hit. At least 51 people were killed, 140 were injured, and 11 were reported missing as of 6 June.


From late May to early June 2023, periods of heavy rain impacted Haiti, leaving soils saturated and unable to absorb much additional rain. On 2–3 June, a stationary area of low pressure produced heavy rain and thunderstorms across the country.[1][2] Rains subsided the following day as the storm system waned. With the aforementioned soils saturated, widespread flooding and landslides ensued.[1][3]

Impact and aftermath[edit]

Rivers overflowed their banks, inundating many communities.[4] Landslides were also reported.[3] Five of Haiti's ten departments were affected: Ouest, Nippes, Sud-Est, Nord-Ouest , and Centre.[4] Damage was particularly severe around the capital city of Port-au-Prince.[5] As of 6 June, 51 people were confirmed dead, 140 were injured, and 18 remained missing.[6][7] One person drowned and 14 others were rescued when their boat capsized off the coast of Côte-de-Fer.[8] Crops were severely affected in central regions of the country.[9] Three rivers burst their banks around Jérémie, leaving the city partially isolated.[10] A bridge recently constructed in the city following a catastrophic earthquake in 2021 was partially destroyed.[8] A total of 37,375 people were affected, 13,390 of whom were displaced. At least 13,591 homes were flooded and 820 were destroyed. Five health centers were also affected[7]

Prime Minister Ariel Henry requested international aid following the disaster.[5] The World Food Programme began mobilizing resources and personnel on 5 June, with rations and dry food for 15,000 planned for distribution.[4] The Directorate-General for Civil Protection and Emergencies and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs worked in tandem for relief efforts. Relief missions costing US$720 million already in place from the 2021 earthquake were only 20 percent funded at the time of the floods.[1] Recurrent gang violence hampered relief efforts. Léogâne Mayor Ernson Henry described residents as "desperate...[after losing] everything".[10]

Two earthquakes followed the floods: a Mw4.1 on 4 June and a Mw 4.9 on 6 June.[11][12] The latter of these occurred near Jérémie, further complicating relief efforts.[10] Four people were killed and 36 others were injured.[6]

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