35th Grey Cup

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35th Grey Cup
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Toronto Argonauts
(5–3) (7–4–1)
9 10
Head coach: 
Head coach: 
1234 Total
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 6300 9
Toronto Argonauts 0163 10
DateNovember 29, 1947
StadiumVarsity Stadium

The 35th Grey Cup was played on November 29, 1947, before 18,885 fans at Varsity Stadium at Toronto.[1]

This was the last Grey Cup to be won by a team with all Canadian players.[2]

The Toronto Argonauts defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 10–9. This was the third year in a row that these two teams had met each other for the final game of the season.[3] The game had one of the most exciting finishes in Grey Cup history. Winnipeg had jumped out to a 9 to 0 lead but found the game tied in the last minute. Blue Bomber's all-star Bob Sandberg, who had scored his team's only touchdown, tried to fake a kick, but the ruse didn't work. Argo's star Joe Krol scored a final rouge to snatch the victory. The Argonauts were presented with the Grey Cup, which had survived a fire that year when the Toronto Argonauts Rowing Club building had burned down.[3]


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