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Monkbot/task 19 updates {{speciesbox}} and {{taxobox}} parameters |status=, |status_system=, and |status_ref=. To do that, task 19 looks for a binomial in various other {{speciesbox}} or {{taxobox}} parameters in the order listed:

  • {{speciesbox}} parameters
    1. |taxon=
    2. |genus= + |species=
    3. |name=
  • {{taxobox}} parameters
    1. |binomial=
    2. |name=

when the article's {{speciesbox}} or {{taxobox}} has none of the above parameters, task 19 will use the article's title in the IUCN API call.

If the IUCN API does not recognize the extracted binomial, task 19 does not update the status parameters and adds this category to the article. Reasons that IUCN API may not recognize a binomial are:

  • the binomial is not a binomial; usually because the taxobox or article title uses only the genus portion of the binomial
  • the IUCN API does not recognize the binomial as a valid name because of:
    • misspellings
    • typos
    • extraneous text
    • species name is not 'globally assessed' but instead is 'regionally assessed' – the taxobox does not specify the region of an assessment so task 19 cannot use the regional form of API calls
    • IUCN API does not support the redirect-like behavior for binomials as the search box at does

This is not necessarily an error but should be looked into by cognizant editors.


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