Chilime Hydropower Plant

Coordinates: 28°11′11.47″N 85°17′59.83″E / 28.1865194°N 85.2999528°E / 28.1865194; 85.2999528
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Chilime Hydropower Plant is located in Nepal
Chilime Hydropower Plant
Location of Chilime in Nepal
Official nameChilime Hydroelectric Plant
Coordinates28°11′11.47″N 85°17′59.83″E / 28.1865194°N 85.2999528°E / 28.1865194; 85.2999528
Opening date2003
Construction costRs. 248 crore (approx)
Owner(s)Chilime Hydropower Company Limited
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity, weir
ImpoundsChilime River
Height3.25 m (10.7 ft)
Length13 m (43 ft)
CreatesChilime Peaking Pond
Total capacity53,032 m3 (42.994 acre⋅ft)
Chilime Hydropower Plant
Coordinates28°9′26.45″N 85°19′55.22″E / 28.1573472°N 85.3320056°E / 28.1573472; 85.3320056
Operator(s)Chilime Hydropower Company Limited
Commission date2003
Hydraulic head351.5 m (1,153 ft) (gross)
Turbines2 x 11.28 MW Pelton-type
Installed capacity22.1 MW
Annual generation132.918 GWh

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (Chilime) was incorporated in 1995 with an objective of hydroelectricity generation through optimal utilization of resources within the country. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) holds majority ownership with 51% share holding. Remaining 49% shareholding is from general public including 10% equity ownership of local people. Chilime owns and operates 22.1 MW power plant commissioned on August 25, 2003 and located in Rasuwa district, 133 km north of capital city Kathmandu. It sales bulk electricity to NEA at the long term PPA price. The annual energy generation from the plant is about 150 GWh.


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