DeMarco–Becket Memorial Trophy

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The DeMarco–Becket Memorial Trophy is a Canadian Football League trophy. It is awarded originally to the player selected as the outstanding lineman in the West Division.

The trophy was donated by the families of Mel Becket and Mario DeMarco, who were two prominent Saskatchewan Roughriders players who were victims of the Mount Slesse aircraft disaster on December 9, 1956.

Since 1974 this trophy has been awarded to the Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman in the West Division. Either the winner of this trophy or the winner of the Leo Dandurand Trophy will also receive the Canadian Football League Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman Award.

Prior to 1974 the CFL's Most Outstanding Lineman Award was awarded to both outstanding defensive players and outstanding linemen in the West Division, and this award was different from the DeMarco–Becket Memorial Trophy.

In 1995, during the American Expansion, this trophy was given to the North Division's Most Outstanding Lineman.

DeMarco-Becket Memorial Trophy winners[edit]

CFL's Most Outstanding Lineman Award in the West Division prior to the 1974[edit]


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