From the Sounds Inside

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From the Sounds Inside
존 프루시안테스튜디오 음반
발매일2001년 8월
장르얼터너티브 록, 사이키델릭 록, 익스페리멘탈 록, 아트 록, Lo-Fi
존 프루시안테 연표
To Record Only Water for Ten Days From the Sounds Inside Shadows Collide with People

From the Sounds Inside》는 2001년 8월에 발매된 존 프루시안테의 음반이다.

곡 목록[편집]

전체 작사·작곡: John Frusciante

#제목재생 시간
1.So Would Have I (also known as "So Would've I")2:09
2.Three Thoughts3:25
3.I Go Through These Walls1:54
5.Saturation (Unmastered Version)3:03
6.Interstate Sex4:38
7.Dying (I Don't Mind)2:11
8.The Battle of Time2:21
9.With Love1:47
10.I Will Always Be Beat Down2:02
11.Fallout (Unmastered Version)2:10
12.Penetrate Time (also known as "Lou Bergs", "Low Birds", and "Purity")2:42
13.Slow Down3:00
14.Nature Falls1:56
15.Beginning Again2:09
16.Leave All the Days Behind (also known as "Cut Myself Out")1:56
17.Place to Drive1:32
18.How High1:02
19.Fallout (Demo)2:12
20.Leaving You1:04
21.Sailing Outdoors1:31
총 재생 시간:46:41