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In baseball statistics, games pitched (denoted by Games G in tables of only pitching statistics) is the number of games in which a player appears as a pitcher; a player who is announced as the pitcher must face at least one batter, although exceptions are made if the pitcher announced in the starting lineup is injured before facing a batter, perhaps while batting or running the bases in the top of the first inning, before the opposing team comes to bat. The statistic is also referred to as appearances, usually to refer to the number of games a relief pitcher has pitched in.

Career leaders[edit]

1,000-games-pitched club[edit]

Listed are all Major League Baseball players with at least 1000 games pitched. LaTroy Hawkins is the most recent player to reach the 1,000 games mark.

Stats updated through the 2015 season [1][2]
Player Name of the player
Appearances Career games pitched
Years The years this player played in the major leagues
dagger Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
double-dagger Denotes pitcher who is still active
Pitchers with 1,000 games pitched
Player Appearances Years
Jesse Orosco 1,252 1979–2003
Mike Stanton 1,178 1989–2007
John Franco 1,119 1984–2005
Mariano Riveradagger 1,115 1995–2013
Dennis Eckersleydagger 1,071 1975–1998
Hoyt Wilhelmdagger 1,070 1952–1972
Dan Plesac 1,064 1986–2003
Mike Timlin 1,058 1991–2008
Kent Tekulve 1,050 1974–1989
LaTroy Hawkins 1,042 1995–2015
Trevor Hoffmandagger 1,035 1993–2010
José Mesa 1,022 1987–2007
Lee Smithdagger 1,022 1980–1997
Roberto Hernández 1,010 1991–2007
Mike Jackson 1,005 1986–2004
Goose Gossagedagger 1,002 1972–1994

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