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The Lao Script or Aksone Lao (Lao: ອັກສອນລາວ, IPA: ʔáksɔ̌ːn láːu) is the main script used to write the Lao language and other minority languages in Laos. The script is ultimately of Indic origin, the alphabet includes 27 consonants (ພະຍັນຊະນະ, pʰāɲánsānā), 7 consonantal ligatures (ພະຍັນຊະນະຜະສົມ, pʰāɲánsānā pʰá sŏm), 33 vowels (ສະລະ, sálā) (some based on combinations of symbols), and 4 tone marks (ວັນນະຍຸດ, ván nā ɲūt). According to Article LXXV of Constitution of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Lao alphabet is the official script to the official language, but is also used to transcribe minority languages in the country, but some minority language speakers continue to use their traditional writing systems while the Hmong have adopted the Roman Alphabet.

Support Enabled[edit]

If you have support for Lao installed already, you should be able to view this:

Proper rendering:

Your computer: ລ + າ + ວລາວ


Follow the instructions on this page to enable Indic support:

You must then download the fonts from under "Lao Font Downloads". These are free to use.