Jebel Aulia Dam

Coordinates: 15°14′17″N 32°29′018″E / 15.23806°N 32.48833°E / 15.23806; 32.48833
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The Jebal Aulia Dam is a dam on the White Nile near Khartoum, Sudan. Its construction began 1933 and was completed in 1937. When completed it was the largest dam in the World.[1]

The dam was built by Gibson and Pauling (Foreign) Ltd, which was a partnership between the British civil engineering company Pauling & Co. and the civil engineer John Watson Gibson.[2]

In 2003 a hydroelectricity project with a 30-megawatt (40,000 hp) maximum capacity was completed on the dam. This increased the structure's strategic value, so it is now continually guarded by the Sudanese Army.[citation needed]


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15°14′17″N 32°29′018″E / 15.23806°N 32.48833°E / 15.23806; 32.48833