Lars Stalfors

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Lars Stalfors
OriginCalifornia, U.S.
GenresAlternative, rock, hip hop
Occupation(s)Record producer, songwriter, mixer

Lars Stalfors multi-platinum music mixer, Producer, and engineer based in Los Angeles, California.

Stalfors began his career as a touring member and engineer for the progressive rock band The Mars Volta in the 2000s. Since then, he has worked with many popular artists and songs as a mixer and engineer, including "Sit Next to Me" by Foster the People, which earned Platinum certification and charted high on the Billboard Hot 100. He also produced and mixed the song "First" by Cold War Kids, which received a Platinum certification from the RIAA, and mixed the Gold record "Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1" by Lil Peep.

In addition to his engineering and mixing work, Stalfors produced  the Grammy Award-winning song "Masseduction" by St. Vincent, which won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song in 2019. Stalfors has also produced and mixed The Neighbourhood's record "Hard to Imagine The Neighbourhood Ever Changing", which includes the hit song "Softcore". The track has been certified Platinum[1] by the RIAA. With his exceptional skills and extensive experience, Stalfors has become one of the most sought-after music producers and mixers[2] in the industry. He has worked with artists from a range of genres, including indie rock, alternative, pop, and hip hop.


2023 Good Time The Dare Mixer
2023 I Would've Jessie Murph Mixer
2023 Dummy (single) Portgual. The Man Mixer
2023 4th Wall Ruel Mixer
2023 Secresies Billy Lemos Mixer
2023 Pressure Cooker (remix) Milatarie Gun Mixer
2023 Cinderblock (single) Buzzy Lee Mixer
2022 Conditions of Punk half•alive Mixer
2022 Sometimes,Forever Soccery Mommy Mixer
2022 I Dont Feel Like Being Sad Today (single) YUNGBLUD Mixer
2022 Die First (single) Nessa Barrett Mixer
2022 Ride The Lightning (single) Warren Zeiders Mixer
2022 Side - B Junior Varsity Mixer
2022 BREAK THE CURSE Arlie Mixer Producer
2022 When She Smiles (single) Gigi Mixer
2022 Fade On Back Dagr Mixer
2022 Pastlife Daywave Mixer
2022 XO Hope Your Die (single) Carolesdaughter Mixer
2022 Birdsongs Vol 3. Baird Mixer
2021 If This Isn’t Nice, I don’t Know What Is Still Woozy Producer, writer, Mixer
2021 Crying in the Pit Younger Hunger Mixer
2021 Today We’re The Greatest Middle Kids producer, Mixer
2022 Midnight Horses (single) Joshua Speers producer, Mixer
2021 Dead Hand Control Baio Mixer
2020 Wish Me Luck (single) Wallows Writer
2020 Major Crimes (single) HEALTH, Window Weather Co-producer, Writer
2020 1-844-4DEAR-GOD DEAR-GOD Mixer
2020 The Great Divide (single) The Shins Mixer
2020 The Great Divide (Flipped) (single) The Shins Mixer
2020 Thong Song (single) Amber Mark Mixer
2020 Endless Me, Endlessly (single) Baio Mixer
2020 What Do You Say When I'm Not There? (single) Baio Mixer
2020 Carousel (single) Beoga Mixer
2020 Homebird (single) Beoga Mixer
2020 We're Blood (single) Beoga Mixer
2020 Heatwave (single) Cobra Man Mixer
2020 Lovin' It (single) DEAR-GOD Mixer
2020 Buck (single) DEAR-GOD Mixer
2020 New Kid On The Block (single) DEAR-GOD Mixer
2020 F The World (feat. The Garden, Quay Dash and d0llywood1) (single) Dorian Electra Mixer
2020 My Agenda (feat. Village People & Pussy Riot) (single) Dorian Electra Mixer
2020 Gentlemen (single) Dorian Electra Mixer
2020 Edge Lord (single) Dorian Electra Mixer
2020 FULL OF HEALTH (single) Health Mixer
2020 Contact High (single) Iration Mixer
2020 Entertainment (single) Love Mansuy Co-producer, Mixer
2020 Thrill (feat. Live.e (single) Love Mansuy Additional Production, mixer
2020 Calm Me Down (single) Love Mansuy Co-producer, Mixer
2020 I'll Be There (feat. Carter Mansuy) (single) Love Mansuy Mixer
2020 Tuesday Evening Flow (single) Love Mansuy Mixer
2020 When We Were Kids (single) Love Mansuy Co-producer, Mixer
2020 Same Way (single) Love Mansuy Additional Production, mixer
2020 Saturday (single) Love Mansuy Co-producer, Mixer
2020 Four Seasons (single) Love Mansuy Co-producer, Mixer
2020 RU 4 Me (single) Middle Kids Co-producer, Mixer
2020 Choloani (single) Prayers Mixer
2020 La Vida Es Un Sueño (single) Prayers Mixer
2020 Pool (single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Big Wheel (single) Samia Producer, mixer, composer
2020 Limbo Bitch (single) Samia Producer, mixer, composer
2020 Stellate (single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Tryptych (single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Does Not Steal (single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Waverly (single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Winnebago (single) Samia Producer, mixer, composer
2020 Minnesota (single) Samia Producer. Mixer, Composer
2020 Is There Something In The Movies (Single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Is There Something In The Movies - Full Band Version (single) Samia Mixer
2020 Drive (single) Soccer Mommy Mixer
2020 My People (single) Amber Mark Mixer
2020 Fit N Full (single) Samia Producer, mixer
2020 Window (single) Still Woozy Co-producer, Mixer
2020 Color Theory Soccer Mommy Mixer
2020 Jupiter (single) Marias Mixer
2020 Hold It Together (single) Marias Mixer
2019 New Age Norms 1 Cold War Kids Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Colossal (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 Gone (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 Unbleached (single) TR/ST Producer. Mixer
2019 Grouch (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 Poorly Coward (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 Control Me (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 Wake With (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2018 Nightmare (single) PVRIS Mixer
2019 Things Are Better (single) PVRIS Mixer
2019 Enduring Chill TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 cor (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2018 Shame (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2018 Slow Burn (single) TR/ST Producer, mixer
2019 1 4 Me (single) Electric Guest Mixer
2019 More (single) Electric Guest Mixer, composer
2019 24.7 (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Freestyle (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 I Got The Money (single) Electric Guest Producer. Mixer, Composer
2019 Basic (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Get Out (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Play With Me (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Birthday (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Max It Out (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Straight Face (single) Younger Hunger Mixer
2019 Angel (single) CYN Producer, composer
2019 Nobody's Keeping Score (Single) CYN Producer
2019 Never-Ending Summer (single) CYN Producer, composer
2019 Keeping Tabs (feat. Suscat0) (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Feelings (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Lovetripper (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Ego Death In Thailand (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Far Away From Home (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Hydrocodone (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Best Friend (single) Cuco Mixer
2019 Dollar (single) Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Happy Birthday, You're Alone (single) Joshua Speers Producer
2019 Bad Night (single) Joshua Speers Producer
2019 Death Of Me (single) PVRIS Mixer
2019 Crazy Girls (single) TOOPOOR Mixer
2019 LAMENTED (single) TOOPOOR Mixer
2019 SLAVES OF FEAR HEALTH Producer, mixer, composer
2019 Hate Me (single) Lil Peep Producer, composer
2018 WHAT DO U LIKE (single) Jesse Saint John Producer, mixer
2018 Ever Changing - EP The Neighbourhood Producer
2018 Battle Lines Bob Moses Producer, mixer
2018 Cutthroat Smile (single) Bexey Mixer
2018 Almost Everyday Matt and Kim Producer
2018 The Neighbourhood The Neighbourhood Producer, mixer, composer
2018 Sit Next To Me (Stereotypes Rem.) Foster The People Mixer
2018 Domino (Lars Stalfors Mix) ZZ Ward ft. Fitz Producer, mixer
2018 Spotlight (single) Lil Peep Producer, composer
2018 To Imagine (EP) The Neighbourhood Producer, mixer, composer
2017 Masseduction (songs: Young Lovers, Masseduction) St. Vincent Producer
2017 Hard (EP) The Neighbourhood Producer, mixer, composer
2017 Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 1 Lil Peep Mixer
2017 Alice Glass (song: Without Love) Alice Glass Producer
2017 Sacred Hearts Club Foster The People Producer, Add'l Production, Mixer,
2017 Asido (single) Purity Ring Mixer
2017 Go To Hell (single) Empress Of Mixer
2017 /// (EP) Foster The People Producer, mixer
2017 No Data (song: Bully Bully) Daye Jack Producer, composer
2017 L.A. Divine Cold War Kids Producer, mixer, composer
2017 Plural Electric Guest Producer, mixer, composer
2017 Disco 3 HEALTH Producer, mixer, composer
2016 Sunlit Youth (song: Psycho Lovers) Local Natives Producer
2016 Femejism Deap Vally Mixer
2016 Saintmotelevision Saint Motel Producer
2016 Paradise White Lung Producer, mixer, composer
2016 Drinking From a Salt Pond Run River North Producer, mixer
2016 Rise Remixes (song: Rise) Katy Perry / Purity Ring Mixer
2016 Purity Ring Life Remix HEALTH / Purity Ring Mixer
2016 Trágame Tierra Big Black Delta Mixer, producer
2016 Working All Night Hawai Producer
2015 Stillbirth Alice Glass Co Production, Mixer
2015 Death Magic HEALTH Producer. Mixer, Composer
2015 Will You Wait For Me The Colourist Producer, mixer
2015 New Glow Matt and Kim Producer, mixer, composer
2015 Technomancer Pictureplane Mixer
2015 Arcadia Mackintosh Braun Producer, mixer
2015 Hyper Real Pictureplane Producer, mixer
2014 Hold My Home Cold War Kids Producer, mixer
2014 Cry Is For The Flies Le Butcherettes Engineer
2014 Digital Gardens Big Sir Mixer
2014 The White Ghost Has Blood.. Murder City Devils Engineer
2013 Sistrionix Deap Vally Producer
2013 Pain Is Beauty Chelsea Wolfe Producer
2013 Dear Miss Lonelyhearts Cold War Kids Producer, mixer
2013 Blood Tears Sisu Mixer
2013 Are You Life Little Scout Mixer
2013 Get Deap (EP) Deap Vally Producer
2012 Lightning Matt and Kim Mixer
2012 Noctourniquet The Mars Volta Engineer. Mixer
2012 Strapped The Soft Pack Mixer
2012 Bright Black Heaven Blaqk Audio Mixer
2011 Getting Paid Zechs Marquise Mixer
2011 You're Welcome Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Keyboards, mixer
2011 Sin Sin Sin Le Butcherettes Engineer, mixer
2011 End Times (radio edit) Weekend Mixer
2010 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante Omar Rodriguez-Lopez &John Frusciante Mixer
2010 Ciencia De Los Inutles El Trio De Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Mixer
2010 Marnie Stern Mamie Stern Mixer
2010 Sharp Teeth SIsu Mixer
2010 Tychozorente Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Mixer
2010 Un Esorpion Perfumado Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Mixer
2009 Cryptomnesia Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer
2009 Octahedron The Mars Volta Engineer
2009 Terra Incognita Juliette Lewis Engineer
2008 The Apocalypse Inside An Orange Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer
2008 Calibration Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Engineer
2007 The Bedlam In Goliath The Mars Volta Engineer
2006 Matt And Kim Matt and Kim Producer, mixer


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