List of ancient Egyptian sites

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This is a list of ancient Egyptian sites, throughout all of Egypt and Nubia. Sites are listed by their classical name whenever possible, if not by their modern name, and lastly with their ancient name if no other is available.


The nomes of Ancient Egypt, in lower Egypt
The nomes of Ancient Egypt, in upper Egypt

A nome is a subnational administrative division of Ancient Egypt.

Lower Egypt[edit]

  • Nome 1: White Walls
  • Nome 2: Cow's thigh
  • Nome 3: West
  • Nome 4: Southern Shield
  • Nome 5: Northern Shield
  • Nome 6: Mountain bull
  • Nome 7: West harpoon
  • Nome 8: East harpoon
  • Nome 9: Andjety
  • Nome 10: Black bull
  • Nome 11: Heseb bull
  • Nome 12: Calf and Cow
  • Nome 13: Prospering Scepter
  • Nome 14: Eastmost
  • Nome 15: Fish
  • Nome 16: Djehuti
  • Nome 17: The Throne
  • Nome 18: Prince of the South
  • Nome 19: Prince of the North
  • Nome 20: Plumed Falcon

Upper Egypt[edit]

Lower Egypt (The Nile Delta)[edit]

Middle Egypt[edit]

The area from about Faiyum to Asyut is usually referred to as Middle Egypt.

Upper Egypt[edit]

Northern Upper Egypt[edit]

Southern Upper Egypt[edit]

Lower Nubia[edit]

Map of Nubia

Upper Nubia[edit]

Oases and Mediterranean coast[edit]


Eastern Desert[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

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