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This list of fictional birds is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. Ducks, penguins and birds of prey are not included here, and are listed separately at list of fictional ducks, list of fictional penguins, and list of fictional birds of prey.

Struthioniformes (ostriches)[edit]

Name Work Notes
Big Eggo Big Eggo
Madame Upanova The "Dance of the Hours" segment of Fantasia
Olivia Ostrich Working with Words (Journey Through the Jungle of Words).
Ossie Ostrich The Tarax Show and Hey Hey It's Saturday

Casuariformes (cassowaries and emu)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Emu Emu Emu

Apterygiformes (kiwis)[edit]

Name Work Notes
Goodnight Kiwi Goodnight Kiwi
Ivy Ivy the Kiwi?

Anseriformes (waterfowl)[edit]

See also List of fictional ducks and List of fictional ducks in animation

Name Species Work Notes
N/A Goose The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs
Alice and Chloe Canada geese Rio
Gandy Goose Goose Donald Duck cartoons
Gladstone Gander Goose Donald Duck cartoons
Gus Goose Goose Donald Duck cartoons
Louis Trumpeter swan The Trumpet of the Swan and the 2001 film of the same name
Mother Goose Goose Mother Goose and Grimm
Mr. Ping Goose Kung Fu Panda
Syd 'Swannie' Skilton Mute swan Mascot of the Sydney Swans
Wammes Waggel Goose Tom Poes

Galliformes (landfowl)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Aracuan Bird East Brazilian chachalaca Walt Disney cartoons
Billina Chicken Multiple Land of Oz books
Booker Chicken U.S. Acres
Chanticleer Chicken Rock-a-Doodle
Chicken Chicken Cow and Chicken
Chicken Boo Chicken Animaniacs A six-foot-tall chicken.
Clara Cluck Chicken Walt Disney cartoons
Cornelius Chicken Mascot of Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Foghorn Leghorn Chicken Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
General Tsao Chicken Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves A Chinese general who forced the Panda King's daughter to marry him.
Gobbler Turkey Beryl the Peril The pet of Beryl.
Goldie Golden pheasant Rock-a-Doodle
Gyro Gearloose Chicken Donald Duck cartoons
Henny Penny Chicken Henny Penny More commonly known in the United States as Chicken Little.
Leafie Chicken Leafie, A Hen into the Wild
Lord Shen Indian peafowl Kung Fu Panda 2 A leucistic peacock.
Marquis de Canteclaer Chicken Tom Poes
Matilda Chicken Angry Birds
Panchito Pistoles Chicken The Three Caballeros
Peep Chicken Peep and the Big Wide World
Roy Chicken U.S. Acres
Roya Indian peafowl Shimmer and Shine The pet of Princess Samira.
Roz Specklehen Faverolles Shoe (comic strip) A waitress at Roz's Roost; serves breakfast to other birds around.
Sheldon Chicken U.S. Acres An unhatched chicken egg.
Super Chicken Chicken The Super Chicken segment of George of the Jungle

Phoenicopteriformes (flamingos)[edit]

Name Work Notes
Isabel, Annabelle, and Maribelle the Flamingos 64 Zoo Lane
Pinkster Wild Kratts

Columbiformes (pigeons and doves)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Archimedes White dove Team Fortress 2 Dab Dodo Ice Age
Dodo Dodo Alice in Wonderland and the 1951 film by the same name
Gogo Dodo Dodo Tiny Toon Adventures
The Goodfeathers (Squit, Bobby, and Pesto) Pigeons Animaniacs
Homer Pigeon Pigeon Walter Lantz cartoons
Willow Western crowned pigeon Angry Birds Stella
Yankee Doodle Pigeon Pigeon Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines

Cuculiformes (cuckoos and roadrunners)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Little Beeper Roadrunner Tiny Toon Adventures
The Road Runner Roadrunner Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
Rowdy Roadrunner Mascot of the University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners
Sonny the Cuckoo Bird Cuckoo Mascot of Cocoa Puffs
Speed Limit Greater roadrunner Wild Kratts

Caprimulgiformes (nightjars, hummingbirds, and swifts)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Flit Ruby-throated hummingbird Pocahontas and Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
Violet Sabrewing Violet sabrewing DuckTales (2017)

Nyctibiidae (potoos)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Melody Common potoo Angry Birds 2 Introduced in 2022

Gruiformes (cranes, rails, and allies)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Cassandra the Crane Red-crowned crane 64 Zoo Lane
Crazylegs Crane Crane The All New Pink Panther Show
Master Crane Black-necked crane Kung Fu Panda

Charadriiformes (gulls, terns, auks, and waders)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
N/A Gull Gaston Lagaffe The aggressive seagull owned by Gaston Lagaffe.
Garvey Gull Gull Donald Duck cartoons
Gunnar the Seagull Black-headed gull 64 Zoo Lane
Irving "Irv" Seagull Kelp Gull Shoe A local repairman at Irving Oil Corporation.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Lesser-black backed gull Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the 1973 film of the same name
Numenia Whimbrel Numenia and the Hurricane
Puffo, Mama Puffin, Puff, Finnster Atlantic puffins Wild Kratts
Scuttle Gull The Little Mermaid
Thomas, Sharon, Lewis and Jamie the Puffins Atlantic puffins 64 Zoo Lane
Kehaar Black-headed gull Watership Down

Gaviiformes (loons)[edit]

Name Work Notes
Becky Finding Dory
Bomb Angry Birds
Dave and Ping Pong Camp Lazlo
Loon Shoe (comic strip) A newspaper/mail carrier and country guitar player.
Shirley McLoon Tiny Toon Adventures

Sphenisciformes (penguins)[edit]

See List of fictional penguins

Procellariiformes (albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, and storm-petrels)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Orville Albatross The Rescuers
Wilbur Albatross The Rescuers Down Under

Ciconiiformes (storks)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Larrison White stork Camp Lazlo
Mr. Stork White stork Dumbo and Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Ollie White stork Alfred J. Kwak
Seamus the Stork White stork 64 Zoo Lane

Pelecaniformes (pelicans, herons, ibises, and allies)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Black Heron Black heron DuckTales (2017)
Blue Beaky Great blue heron Wild Kratts
Gular Brown pelican Wild Kratts
Kulinda and Ona Hamerkops The Lion Guard
Mort Great white pelican Camp Lazlo
Nigel Brown pelican Finding Nemo
Ono Cattle egret The Lion Guard
Pauline the Pelican Great white pelican 64 Zoo Lane
Sebastian the Ibis White ibis Mascot of the Miami Hurricanes
Seymore D. Fair American white pelican Mascot of the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition

Cathartiformes (New World vultures)[edit]

See List of fictional birds of prey

Accipitriformes (hawks, eagles, and Old World vultures)[edit]

See List of fictional birds of prey

Strigiformes (owls)[edit]

See List of fictional birds of prey

Trogoniformes (trogons)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Burdette Resplendent quetzal It's a Big Big World

Bucerotiformes (hornbills and hoopoes)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Zazu Southern red-billed hornbill The Lion King

Coraciiformes (kingfishers, rollers, and bee-eaters)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Kiki Malachite kingfisher Robinson Crusoe
Olly Laughing kookaburra One of the mascots of the 2000 Summer Olympics

Piciformes (woodpeckers and toucans)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Eva Keel-billed toucan Rio
Hal Emerald toucanet Angry Birds
Headbanger Pileated woodpecker Wild Kratts
Rafael Toco toucan Rio
Tallulah the Toucan and Taco the Toucan Toco toucans 64 Zoo Lane
Toucan Dan Toco toucan Timon & Pumbaa
Toucan Sam Toucan Mascot of Froot Loops
Woody Woodpecker Woodpecker Walter Lantz cartoons The character resembles a pileated woodpecker, despite being inspired by an encounter with an acorn woodpecker.

Falconiformes (falcons and caracaras)[edit]

See List of fictional birds of prey

Psittaciformes (parrots)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
Abelardo Montoya Parrot Sésamo The Mexican counterpart of Big Bird.
Ace Parakeet Powerbirds
Arpeggio Yellow-faced parrot Sly 2: Band of Thieves The leader of the Klaww Gang who sought immortality and hoped to gain it by merging himself with the Clockwerk frame.
Bia, Carla, and Tiago Spix's macaws Rio 2
Black Spot Pete Eclectus parrot Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves A pirate who stole Reme Lousteau's scuba diving gear. He later lost it to Captain LeFwee.
Blu Spix's macaw Rio Full name Tyler Blu Gunderson.
Captain Flint Festive amazon Treasure Island The pet of Long John Silver. Named after Captain Flint.
Captain LeFwee Eclectus parrot Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Despite being identified as a male, his coloration coincides more with the female of the species; a pirate known by many as the "smartest man on the seven seas".
Carrie the Cockatoo Sulphur-crested cockatoo 64 Zoo Lane
Eduardo Spix's macaw Rio 2
Felipe Scarlet macaw Rio 2
Iago Scarlet macaw Aladdin The pet of Jafar.
Jewel Spix's macaw Rio
José Carioca Parrot The Three Caballeros
Lory Lory Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Mak Scarlet macaw Robinson Crusoe
Mark Beaks Gray parrot DuckTales (2017)
Mimi Spix's macaw Rio 2
Mithu Rose-ringed parakeet Meena The pet of Meena.
Nigel Sulphur-crested cockatoo Rio
Pirate Parrot Parrot Mascot of the Pittsburgh Pirates
Poco Loco Scarlet macaw Sesame Street An anthropomorphic parrot who appeared on Sesame Street in 1974 to 1980; appears with Big Bird in some sketches
Polly Parakeet Powerbirds
Poppy Lutino cockatiel Angry Birds Stella
Polynesia Parrot Dr. Dolittle
Roberto Spix's macaw Rio 2
Rio Scarlet macaw One of the Rainforest Cafe mascots
Sergio Scarlet macaw The Casagrandes One of the pets of the Casagrande family.
Stella Galah Angry Birds

Passeriformes (perching birds)[edit]

Name Species Work Notes
N/A Canary King-Size Canary A canary that grows to an enormous size after a cat pours growth formula on him.
Alcor Raven Little Witch Academia The pet of Professor Ursula.
Big Bird Canary Sesame Street DISPUTED: Big Bird's own Wikipedia article cites conflicting statements made on episodes of Sesame Street.
Big Red Northern cardinal Mascot of the Arizona Cardinals
BJ Birdie and Ace Blue jay Mascot of the Toronto Blue Jays
Bubbles Oriole Angry Birds
Chuck Canary Angry Birds
Diablo Raven Sleeping Beauty
Dolf Crow Alfred J. Kwak
Fredbird Northern cardinal Mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals
Gale Violet-backed starling Angry Birds Stella
Grip Raven Barnaby Rudge The inspiration for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".
Heckle and Jeckle Yellow-billed magpies Terrytoons cartoons
Henry Barn swallow Henry the Barn Swallow
Hugin and Munin Ravens Norse mythology and fictional works based thereon, such as American Gods and Valhalla The two ravens of Odin.
Jim, Jake, and Jay Eastern bluebirds Angry Birds Collectively known as The Blues.
Luca California scrub jay Angry Birds Stella
Margalo Canary Stuart Little
Martin Jr. Purple martin Wild Kratts
Matthew Raven Sandman
Molly Mockingbird Northern mockingbird Texas State Bird Pageant
Moo Brown-headed cowbird Wild Kratts
Mordecai Blue jay Regular Show
Moses the Raven Raven Animal Farm
Nico Canary Rio
Nyuni Western yellow wagtail The Lion Guard
The Oriole Bird Baltimore oriole Mascot of the Baltimore Orioles
Pedro Red-crested cardinal Rio
Phobos and Deimos Crows Sailor Moon The pet crows of Rei Hino.
Pikkie Eurasian magpie Alfred J. Kwak
Poe Raven Mascot of the Baltimore Ravens
Quoth Raven Discworld
Red Northern cardinal Angry Birds
Shoe Purple martin Shoe Full name P. Martin "Shoe" Shoemaker.
Skyler Eurasian Skylark Shoe An overeducated but underachieving nephew Cosmo raises.
Snipes Black-billed magpie Rock-a-Doodle
Spike, Mama Shrike, Thorn, Spear, and Spike Jr. Loggerhead shrikes Wild Kratts
Sweet Tweet Greater honeyguide Wild Kratts
Tamaa Greater racket-tailed drongo The Lion Guard
Terence Northern cardinal Angry Birds
Thrash Brown thrasher Mascot of the Atlanta Thrashers
Tic Tic Bird Red-billed oxpecker 64 Zoo Lane
Tweety Canary Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies
Walt Canary The Loud House One of the pets of the Loud family.
William the Weaver Bird Southern masked weaver 64 Zoo Lane

Mythical bird characters[edit]

Name Type Work Notes
Aya Shameimaru Crow tengu Touhou Project
Fawkes Phoenix Harry Potter

Unspecified birds[edit]

Fictional bird species[edit]

Humans transformed into birds[edit]

  • The six brothers turned into birds in German fairytale The Six Swans
  • The eleven siblings cursed by their queenly stepmother in The Wild Swans
  • Princess Odette, a human with a curse that turns her into a swan during the day in The Swan Princess
  • The Swan Maiden, a magical bird who turns into a beautiful woman in several folktales
  • Willy, a boy-turned-sparrow and main character in Willy the Sparrow

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