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This aims to be a complete list of optical disc manufacturers, including pre-recorded/pressed/replicated, record-able/write-once and re-writable discs. This list is not necessarily complete or up to date - if you see a manufacturer that should be here but is not (or one that should not be here but is), please update the page accordingly. This list only lists manufacturers - not brands. For example, many Maxell DVDs are made by Ritek or CMC magnetics. Many companies use equipment from Singulus Technologies. This list includes both CD, DVD and Blu-ray recordable and rewritable media manufacturers (like Ritek), and disc replicators (companies that replicate discs with pre-recorded content, like Sony DADC).





  • Daxon Technology
  • Discovery Systems (Defunct)[3]


  • EMI (sold to Cinram)



  • Gigastorage Corporation[6]



  • Imation (stopped)
  • Infodisc (stopped)[9]
  • Infosmart Technologies


  • Lead Data Inc.





  • Pandisk Technologies[18]
  • Philips
  • Plasmon Data Systems (Defunct in late 1990's)
  • Prodisc
  • Pressing-Media
  • PrimeDisc [19]
  • Princo Corp[20] (seems to have stopped, as of 2020 they no longer appear on their home page)[21]
  • Panasonic (Matsushita) (last made DVD-RAM, stopped due to shrinking demand, still makes Blu-rays[22]) Ending production of blu-ray discs for recording in Feb 2023 {{cite web}}: Missing or empty |title= (help)





  • Umedisc Group




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