Otto von Feldmann

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Battle of Sarikamish: Enver Pasha and Otto von Feldmann (right)

Otto von Feldmann (6 August 1873, Berlin – 20 May 1945) was a German military officer and politician.

Feldmann attended the Royal Grammar School in Bydgoszcz, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-and Ratsgymnasium Hanover, the Kadettenvoranstalt in Potsdam and the Military Academy Gross-Lichterfelde near Berlin. By 1907 he served in the German General Staff. From 1910 to 1912 he served as company commander in the 5th Grenadier Regiment, then again in the General Staff.

In 1913, Feldmann switched to Turkish service as part of the German military mission in the Ottoman Empire. There he was first a department head in the General Staff, then Chief of Staff of the First Army and finally, as Feldmann Pasha, Chief of the Operations Department in the Turkish Supreme Army Command. In this position, he participated in the Armenian genocide. Together with General Fritz Bronsart von Schellendorf, he was with the Turkish Minister of War, Enver Pasha, almost every day and coordinated with him. Feldmann once commented on this: "But it should not and must not be denied that German officers - and I am one of them myself - were forced to give their advice at certain times to free certain areas in the rear of the army from Armenians."[1][2][3]


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