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Pico may refer to:


The Moon[edit]

  • Mons Pico, a lunar mountain in the northern part of the Mare Imbrium basin


  • Pico, a civil parish in the municipality of Vila Verde
  • Pico da Pedra, a civil parish in the municipality of Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores
  • Pico Island, the largest island in the Central Group of the Azores archipelago
  • Mount Pico (Montanha do Pico), the distinctive stratovolcano that stands on the island of Pico
  • Pico da Vara, the highest mountain on the island of São Miguel, Azores

United States[edit]



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Science and medicine[edit]

  • pico-, a metric prefix denoting a factor of 10−12
  • PICO dark matter experiment
  • PICO process, a medical technique to frame and answer a clinical question

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