Rønland Offshore Wind Farm

Coordinates: 56°39′46″N 8°13′10″E / 56.66278°N 8.21944°E / 56.66278; 8.21944
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Rønland Windpark.jpg
Rønland Offshore Wind Farm seen from land
Official nameRønland Offshore Wind Farm
Coordinates56°39′46″N 8°13′10″E / 56.66278°N 8.21944°E / 56.66278; 8.21944
Commission date2003 (2003)
Owner(s)THV (Vestas),
Dansk Vindenergi ApS (Bonus)
Wind farm
Max. water depth2 m (7 ft)
Distance from shore100 m (330 ft)
Power generation
Units operational4 × 2 MW
4 × 2.3 MW
Make and modelVestas V80-2MW, Bonus/Siemens 2.3-93
Nameplate capacity17.2 MW
Capacity factor44.1%
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Rønland Offshore Wind Farm is a nearshore wind farm in the westmost part of Limfjorden, Denmark. It was commissioned in 2003 and consists of four 2 MW Vestas wind turbines and four 2.3 MW ones from Bonus/Siemens.[1][2][3][4][5]

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