Thomas Nicholls (sculptor)

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Thomas Nicholls
The Bear – one of Nicholls's sculptures for the Animal Wall
Bornc. 1825
Westminster, London
Died24 March 1896
Clapham, London
Notable work

Thomas Nicholls (c. 1825 – 24 March 1896) was an English sculptor.[1]

Life and works[edit]

Nicholls was born in Westminster, London around the year 1825.[1] In 1858, he began a long partnership with the architect William Burges,[2][3] beginning with Burges's commission for the embellishment of Gayhurst House in Buckinghamshire for Lord Carrington.[4] Nicholls went on to assist Burges in his first major commission, Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork[5] subsequently following him to Cardiff, working on both Cardiff Castle and Castell Coch, the fantasy palaces Burges constructed for John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute.[6][7]

Nicholls had two sons who followed him as sculptors, Thomas O. Nicholls (born c.1863) and Edward W. Nicholls (born c.1867).[1] Nicholls died at Clapham in 1896.[1]


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