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    It's back! Add "User:2nd Ias/bbm" to your watchlist to subscribe to the bbm. You can also put this userbox on your user page.

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    Issue 13 ~started September 27, 2022, finished January 21-22, 2023~ It has begun! A new chapter in the history of bbm is happening, with a change in the way our issues work. You're reading the intro, which begins the first part of this segmented process initiated by Issue 13: articles get made and published over a period of days. In this case, two articles will be conceived, written, done and delivered to the public. Not everything will come immediately in a instant, wait patiently and parts of it will appear in a timely manner.

    1. User:2nd Ias/bbm13a ~review of work-in-progress/Work in process article (because this bbm13 page's 1st revision says "~started September 27, 2022, work-in-progress~"!), released October 19-20 2022~
    2. User:2nd Ias/bbm13b ~wikipedia editing&internet speed, released January 21-22, 2023~