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About me[edit]

My first logged-in edit to Wikipedia was on 6 April, 2004. I was made a Wikipedia administrator on 4 September, 2005.


My current Wikipedia programming project is Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss, which aims to spell-check, grammar-check, and style-check all of the English Wikipedia. Previously I worked on Pearle Wisebot, which has been offline for a few years.



AWB/JWB improvement[edit]

1. Add regex to User:Beland/test

2. Open Project:AutoWikiBrowser/Script

3. Run this in the JS console of that page:

  RETF.list = []; // Empty the list - only needed for iterative testing
  (new mw.Api()).get({
    action: 'query',
    prop: 'revisions',
    titles: 'User:Beland/test', // Substitute the title of your typo list page here
    rvprop: 'content',
    rvlimit: '1',
    indexpageids: true,
    format: 'json',

4. Test and fix.

5. Add to Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Typos#New additions.



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