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    Hi! I'm Magnatyrannus (also known as "Wheels" or simply "Magna"). I have a passion for dinosaurs and mammals, mostly South American mammals.

    Between January 2022 and August 2022 my account was blocked for sockpuppetry (as can be seen in my block log), but following an appeal on July 2022, I was successful. I was given a temporary block under the following conditions:

    1. No socking
    2. No loutsocking
    3. No making severe personal attacks to other editors

    And, when I was blocked on November 5, these were my unblock conditions:

    1. No filings or comments at WP:SPI
    2. No reverts of other editors' edits for any reason except in the editor's own userspace
    3. No filings or comments at WP:AIV
    4. No editing other users' Talk pages or userpages except in a "friendly" way, e.g., asking other editors' questions on their Talk pages.

    If you want to ask for help, then please use my talk page!

    Today is: Saturday 27 May 2023

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