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This question has been removed. Per the reference desk guidelines, the reference desk is not an appropriate place to request medical, legal or other professional advice, including any kind of medical diagnosis or prognosis. ~~


This template is intended to be used on the reference desk to replace questions that appear to be soliciting medical, legal or other professional advice. Removing inappropriate questions entirely avoids the difficult issue of determining which, if any, answers might be acceptable, while the boilerplate message lets the questioner know what happened to their question.


Replace the entire question and any responses with:

  • {{User:Vector Potential/talkheader}}
  • {{User:Vector Potential/talkheader | Additional comments and/or signature. }}

The section header should usually be left alone, although editing it may be advisable if the header itself contains the question or a substantial part of it. (Consider whether anyone might be tempted to try to provide advice based on the header alone.)

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