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Kaptaan OP[edit]

Dear Colin, Re: Kaptaan OP. Thank you so much for your reply and suggestions. I am glad that you guided me in the right direction. I have changed my mind about creating a page of my company. Since I am not a professional editor, I will be deleting this account too. Wikipedia needs editors like you and not me. I am good to be a businessman and try be stick with that only, also I will work hard to find my company's page on this site someday. Thanks & Regards, Kaptaan OP

Kitty Gordon[edit]

Dear Colin, Re: Kitty Gordon I've been researching her stage appearances, not her personal life - which is why the "gun accident" on a Chicago stage caught my eye. (Shooting a stagehand during a performance is a real eye-opener to a performing arts archivist!!!) Thanks, DBY

Happy holidays[edit]

My page.[edit]

Hello. I see you have marked my own page as a hoax. I do not understand this, and I am not trying to make a hoax. I have worked hard on the page and do not mean any harm. I wish to buy property in the future and make this dream into a reality. Please consider taking it off. Also, I did not notice you gave me advice, so I will read that now,

Thanks, Kaleb.catiko

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