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Titles tell readers what an article is about.

Article titles should be precise, recognizable, and neutral. Generally:
Green check.png Use the most common name in English for the subject
Green check.png Follow the pattern of similar articles
Green check.png Use sentence case, and prefer singular nouns
Green check.png Create redirects from other plausible titles
Green check.png Check for special naming conventions for certain article types
Green check.png If necessary, disambiguate as naturally as possible
Green check.png If the title is ambiguous, use a hatnote or disambiguation page

Red x.svg Don't make titles longer than necessary
Red x.svg Don't use judgmental words in descriptive titles
Red x.svg Don't start with "A", "An", or "The" unless part of a proper name
Red x.svg Don't put titles in quotes; use formatting templates instead
Red x.svg Don't use special characters if avoidable
Red x.svg Don't disambiguate more than necessary
Red x.svg Don't create subsidiary titles that look like subpages

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