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Writing about living (and recently deceased) people requires special care.

In addition to the guidance of Biography dos and don'ts, generally:
Green check.png Place {{BLP}} on the article's talk page.
Green check.png Remove any poorly sourced contentious material.
Green check.png Find multiple reliable sources for negative information.
Green check.png Limit content on non-public figures to what's relevant.
Green check.png Use caution with material published by the subject.
Green check.png Be kind to people who edit articles about themselves.
Green check.png Maintain articles, paring back questionable material.
Green check.png Report incidents on the BLP noticeboard.
Red x.svg Don't make articles on low-profile persons known for one event.[a]
Red x.svg Don't edit where you have a conflict of interest.
Red x.svg Don't name non-notable persons if avoidable.
Red x.svg Don't remove content on public figures just because they ask.
Red x.svg Don't use self-published sources unless by the subject.
Red x.svg Don't categorize people by religion or sexual orientation.[b]
Red x.svg Don't use images to show subjects in a bad light.
Red x.svg Don't include contacts for living persons.


  1. ^ Unless the event is highly significant and the individual's role was substantial and well-documented.
  2. ^ Unless that information is relevant and confirmed by the subject.

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